Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Day in Washington

Saturday was magical.  The weather was unexpected.  Our activities were spontaneous.  It was one of those days where things couldn’t have been so fun and festive had we tried to plan them out perfectly.  I love it when that happens. 

We woke up to the first snowfall of the season.  Anderson was overjoyed.DSC_0011



We took the metro downtown to take part in some of DC’s best holiday traditions.  I couldn’t get over how cute, BIG, and little Anderson looked all at once in his puffy coat and hat.  He couldn’t get over riding the train.  LOVED it.

 DSC_0032 DSC_0035 DSC_0038

DSC_0039 DSC_0040 

We visited the Botanical Gardens and saw beautiful holiday displays.  Anderson’s favorite was the train at the base of the huge Christmas tree.




We continued to the White House to see the National Christmas Tree and the Pageant of Peace.  It was freezing, but we had a great time.

DSC_0089 Maryland Tree.  We didn’t quite make it to Utah’s tree.  It was REALLY cold.


 National Christmas Tree


We stopped by Santa’s Workshop at the President’s Park.  We sat with Santa to take what is possibly, which I already regret posting. 



The White House 


I love holidays, and they just get better when you have a child.  I’m grateful Anderson is with us to bring out the magic in the Christmas season. 

Merry Christmas from the Nation’s Capital!


P.S.  How amazing was THIS performance last night?!  Practically putting Barbara to shame.


Kaija said...

thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

you have a good life. Maybe the best? Cannot wait to see you tonight (and see Jersey Boys...though honestly, my excitement for them is secondary to seeing you & Kara...and on a Thursday at that!)

Claudia said...

Looks like a fabulous day! Congratulations on finding so many spontaneous things to do. Christmas is so much more magical with the little ones, isn't it?

Kara said...

What a fabulous day you guys had! I LOVE the family portrait with Santa. Classic.

How exciting is it that we have finally arrived at December 10th?!?!
I bought a maternity poodle skirt for the occasion. So 50's chic.

Ming said...

Oh where to begin. Okay, first Wagamama's is coming to DC?!!!! Seriously!? SO jealous. Good times, good times.

Love your magical day. So fun! Love those days. Anders looks adorable! I like that the pic you hate of yourself won't blow up. In fact if you click on it it gets smaller, lol, smart ;)

I feel like I can finally breath again when I watch Glee. I was hating that Mr. S didn't know about the fake pregnancy and that he wasn't able to love Emma, and I hated that Finn still believed he was the dad. Now that those two things are resolved I can enjoy the show again. Fabulous numbers last night! Rachel is incredible.

Okay, that's all I think...oh one more thing..yes, love the little peeps nativity, looked it up, not you said. Maybe next year :)

Wein said...

wow, anderson looks like such an old little man :)

Sarah S said...

It's so fun to have an abundance of different ways to enjoy the season with your family. Great pictures and the one with Santa is hilarious!!

Mom said...

Loved the picture of Anderson and Harley walking hand in hand.

Ali Snow said...

3 more days!!!

Kelly D. said...

Oh my goodness! Anderson looks like a little boy! Hardly any baby left in him :) Are his knuckles actually knuckles and not dimples? That's how I know my little one isn't a baby any longer!

P.S. Love your coat!

anna banana said...

Darling fun and makes me want to move to DC!

Gwendolyn said...

Wow, Christmas in DC looks so great (but cold)!

So I know I hate it when people tell me this, but I seriously don't think that Santa picture of you is bad! You look like you were laughing and your legs look skinny :)