Monday, October 12, 2009


*We interrupt the Utah Staycation/BFF World Tour recap to bring you some present day happenings.


Harley and I just returned from a quick weekend trip to our favorite place: New York City. We LOVE this city. The energy is intoxicating. The people are fascinating. The shopping is phenomenal. The food is amazing. The theater is unmatched. The friends are fabulous. The Park is beautiful. The entire city is just kind of magical to us.

I lived in NYC for a few months during what was arguably the best year of my life. (I interned at 30 Rock long before this guy. Anyone else excited to welcome back that gem of a show Thursday?) I got engaged in Central Park. I was in love in New York City.

And I fell in love with New York City.

I have visited several times since then. This particular weekend trip was special because it included so many of my favorite NYC things. It began with a beautiful drive with my favorite road trip companion:




Followed by a late night reunion over Thai food with old friends Cara (from our dating years) and Ryan Newman:


Then an early breakfast with Team member, the one and only, Schwerwolf:


Next up, a little window shopping:


I’m proud to say my only purchase was one of these. I’ve been wanting a feather headband for months and found one on the street for a fraction of the store price.

Then we hit Times Square:


DSC_0108Only in NYC, baby. This guy is giving the Naked Cowboy a run for his money.

Where Harley won the ticket lottery and scored us front row seats to In the Heights:

DSC_0091 We were pretty stoked about winning. I’m attempting to copy the dancer behind me.


Told you… FRONT ROW. That’s the stage. We got spit on. It was great.

We sampled some of our favorite NYC treats:

DSC_0097I love Nuts 4 Nuts. Seriously loooooove them.

And hung out with these crazy cats some more:


We strolled through Central Park, reminiscing about the night Harley asked me to marry him:

Wendy and Harley by fountain Just Engaged, May 2003

DSC_0115 6 years and counting: October 2009

We then raced to the Newmans to get ready for the main event: Sara’s 30th NYC Soiree. My high school bff turned 30 Saturday. That’s a big deal. She threw herself a party in NYC to celebrate. (She lives in LA.) I don’t think there is anyone else in the world with whom I’ve made a bigger deal over birthdays more times than Sara. Growing up we would count down our birthday days, hours and minutes, then sing to each other at the MOMENT commemorating our births. There were early morning kidnappings, decorated lockers, decked out cars, parties, presents and big surprises. When I turned 16, Sara pulled off the biggest stunt to date: showing up in my driveway in a limo full of friends to whisk me away for the afternoon. Together, we’re kind of the queen of birthdays. I couldn’t imagine missing her big 3-0 party in Manhattan. She’s happily embracing 30, kissing her 20’s goodbye. I hope I can conquer 30 with the same optimism.


The soiree was at Sushi Samba (delicious) in the West Village, which was quite the haul from the Newman’s floor we were crashing on in the Upper East Side. I wasn’t about to die walking/subwaying all those blocks, (not to mention freeze) so I walk-ified my party outfit for the commute:

DSC_0116The good news is you can totally get away with this look in New York City.

DSC_0136Much better: with Sara in the painful (but fabulous) shoes.


We’re pretty excited about her birthday.

DSC_0128 DSC_0134DSC_0138

Old friends, fall drive, a best girlfriend, Broadway, a shopping steal on the streets, Harley, memory lane, a party and Nuts 4 Nuts. What more could a big city Diva ask for?

A BIG shout out and thank you to Ligia, Matt and Madeleine for taking such good care of Anderson while we were gone. You guys are THE BEST!


Kelly D. said...

I'm trying to think of a witty comment but I'm just too dang jealous!!! Looks like an amazing weekend :)

Kaija said...

SO jealous. YOu rock! I love the party green shirt -- gorgeous -- and IN THE HEIGHTS!!! I LOVE that show. My new favorite. We can't wait to see the tour in SF this Spring!!!

Ming said...

SO fun! You didn't mention whether or not you liked "IN The Heights." Love that you won the lottery and sat front it! But did you like/love the show?

The whole weekend looked magical and totally made me miss the city. Happy happy b-day Sarah and yea for a fabulous NYC weekend!!! You look gorgeous in your party outfit :)

Sarah S said...

What a fabulous weekend!! I am a wee bit jealous too. A getaway sounds oh-so-wonderful! Your outfits were great by the way.

Emily said...

Sounds fun! I'm pretty sure that "Schwerwolf" was in my student ward back in the Glen-hood. Funny.

Those shoes are awesome.

Do you like the boyfriend jeans? Do they ride too low when you sit down? That is my biggest beef with jeans lately.

Rachel said...

Did you love In The Heights? I'm so glad you won the lottery--what a great deal! yay! I heart NY. Sorry we didn't see each other. Too busy. Let's go again!

Harley King said...

This whole weekend made me grateful for friends.

Friends who watched my kid.

Friends who let me stay with them and interrupted their day to put their names in the lottery so we could win tickets.

Friends who got up early to have breakfast.

Friends who invited me to the most swankified place in town.

I love friends.

Adam E. said...

I can't believe Harley had the guts to wear a pink Speedo in the city. If he's that hard up for cash, I can lend him a little dough until he gets his big scientific breakthrough.

Logical Libby said...

LOVE that picture of you and Harley next to the fountain. That is a keeper.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Wow...I'm so glad you ended up going. Looks like you had a killer time. I want to go to NYC again before we leave. How awesome is that that you won the lottery for tickets. I want to hear all about the show.

You and Sara look fabulous on her b-day. Don't know about the commuter boots part, but I would have done the same thing.

Love the pic of you guys in front of the "Love" art and love that that is now your profile pic.

Did you so miss bug?

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Also, I really need some new jeans and am excited to see and try on your boyfriend jeans tomorrow :)

schwerwolf said...

"You'll be a formidable duke..."
and duchess.

Cara Bristol Newman said...

Loved seeing you guys this weekend. So fun! It seems like there are pictures missing from something, though... :) Hope to see you soon! xo

Amanda said...

Sounds so fabulous! For some reason, NY scares me a little...I have been there twice, and enjoyed myself, but always left knowing I would never want to live there! I guess I'm a small town girl =). Maybe I should go with you someday so I can better understand the fabulousity!
Plus, I never had the there's no way I've had the full experience.

Sara said...

Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous. All of it.

jaredandmatisse said...

I had a bacholorette party this weekend in NYC we ate in Union square and then went to Johnny Utah's. It would have been so awesome if we had run into eachother.

janaemadsen said...

oh I'm jealous.

Mom said...

I'm so glad you went. So glad you embrace life, that's why we all love you so much. Happy 30th Sara!

anna banana said...

I am so glad you went, seize the day! Love you!

Suzette Selden said...

Y'all are just so fun! And you crack me up.

Eric Crane said...

The guy in the pink polka dot panties looks suspiciously like Harley. I hope he made some good money for your trip.