Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Didn’t Marry Him for His Good Looks Alone

No Utah Staycation would be complete without visiting Harley’s family.  I have some seriously great in-laws.  I LOVE them.  Let me tell you about them.

They live in Jerome, Idaho.


They drive Camaros.


They love cows.


These are my in-laws.


I wouldn’t have them any other way.



I mean, come on, don’t you want a piece of this action?



Ed King had one goal for our visit:   Let a baby calf suck on Anderson’s arm.DSC_0830DSC_0816DSC_0824Done.



DSC_0911  DSC_0944  


In addition to Camaros, cows and Kings, Jerome is home to a beautiful golf course.  (Okay, technically it’s in Twin Falls.)  I golfed the Blue Lakes Country ClubWith my in-laws.  This is a little ironic because golfing is 100% Weiler.  The Weilers LOVE golf.  They do it all the time.  And they’re really good at it.  I don’t like golf.  Neither do my sisters.  We’re kind of the collective black sheep that way.  However, I loved golfing with my in-laws.  I figured out why: 

1.  They get a cart.

2.  They golf only 9 holes.

3.   They play scramble.  (Which, oh my, is the only way to go!)

Weilers do not believe in the above three things.   In fact, I’m pretty sure blogging about the “weak” way to golf is a major ILM (inheritance limiting move)


Utah StaycationBFF World Tour Summer 2009


Catch up with the rest of our Utah Staycation/BFF World Tour here, here and here.  We’re about halfway finished.  Stay tuned for more… assuming I don’t run out of steam.  It was a long (in a fabulous way) trip.


Carter said...

Oh sweet -- I've BEEN to Jerome Idaho! I visited Jefferson Elementary there and shot a testimonial video. Nice town.

Kaija said...

GREAT golf course shots :) and I love the photos of Ed and Anderson!

Mike said...

I want to go cow tipping with Ed and the big foot. Ed and Debbie are the greatest. You are lucky.


Harley King said...

The last picture of Jim, me and dad is one of my all time favorites. The flag and waterfall are perfectly centered and the scenery is awesome. It reminds me of the 3 Stooges golf picture "Golf with Your Friends".

Rebecca Ann said...

Nah, I bash on golf all the time. Big Q still loves me.

At least you are still trying. I'm pretty sure Michelle, Lindsey, Mary Jane and I gave up when Grandpa made us tee off first in front of the whole extended family at the last reunion.

Jill said...

I didn't know Harley was from Idaho, for some reason I was thinking Texas. . . .

Sarah S said...

Beautiful photos. I love the pics of Anderson and the cows especially. And I think it's awesome that you're wearing glamorous earings out there with the dirt and the cows. You are a Diva in any circumstance :)

Ming said...

I love your in laws too! When can we arrange a time for me to hang out with them. You know I'm serious.

ps that pic of you and Harley on the golf course is great!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Please can we have a blogging lesson next time I see you? I want to learn to make callagues (sp) like the golfing one. Great pics. Anders is adorable with the cows. I love it.

Mom said...

How come Anderson will hold Ed's hand when he walks?????????????

Ali Snow said...

I think all the granddaughters don't like golf. It's just the boys and first generation.

Rob said...

Its always good to see Weiler women on the golf course. In fact, I believe it's Aunt Susie who came up with one of the best plays to score golf: only count the shots you liked.
BTW, Harley and Jonathan are always welcome in my foursome.