Monday, September 28, 2009

We Are Family


I love my Dad’s side of the family. There are 44 of us. When we get together we play cards, we stay up late, we make up lawn games and at some point there is a ball game involving nearly everyone. The Weilers are athletic (most are very tall). The Weilers are supportive. The Weilers get along. I love noting the physical resemblance we share. I love marveling at the parallel personalities repeated in three generations. Weilers share the same sense of humor. It goes something like this. There is a joke (often the self-deprecating kind), a small but distinct pause, then a laugh, usually started by the person who told the joke. I don’t think I display this humor rhythm much outside my family, but when I’m with them, I immediately start it. I joke, pause, then laugh just like my aunts laugh. Then I hear my cousins doing it. I get around these people, and I understand myself better. We all make more sense. When we’re together, I feel like we’re in some great, feel-good family movie. We’ve talked about this.


I believe most credit for our familial joy goes to these two. My grandparents are some of the best and youngest people I know. At 79, Grandma Jean plays tennis, hosts parties, golfs and travels the world. She rode an elephant through a river in China last summer. At 80, Grandma Queed decided to hike The Narrows by himself and came out unscathed. They planned our family reunion at Clear Creek Ranch just outside Zions National Park in August. And they were the life of the party. I want to be just like them when I grow up.


Grandpa hitting the slide. Grandma poolside with Anderson.

Everyone else is pretty fun too. We’re entering a new stage where cousins are getting married, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the new additions to the family. The company was great. The food was great. The lodge was great. It was all great, great, great. GREAT way to kick off the Utah Staycation 2009. Here are truckloads of pictures highlighting some of said greatness:


Best part=everyone stays under one big roof.



Rachel, Megan, Emily, Rebecca & Caroline. I think my cousins are beautiful.


DSC_0332Ryan, Lincoln & Cheryl DSC_0319

DSC_0066 My aunt Jennie threw a baby shower for Cheryl. There was a game. Losers (like Lisa) had to eat baby food.

DSC_0092One morning we went canoeing. By morning, I mean it was early and I was still wearing my Theatrical Thursday pajamas. Anderson and the life jacket didn’t really get along.




I include this picture only to make a point: WHY DIDN’T I GET MY SISTER’S SKIN? Would you believe these opposite colors come from the same gene pool? (Weiler is the white side. Lisa got the Barnes skin.)


DSC_0118 DSC_0108

DSC_0188 DSC_0222DSC_0195



DSC_0231 Cousins… but they could be sisters and people tell them so all the time.


Mike Weiler’s Kids: Tom, Cheryl, Ali, Wendy, Lisa

zion Most of the group hiked Angel’s Landing including (bottom up) Jason, Grant, Leslie, Rob, Michelle, Kevin, Megan, Harley & Jonathan

DSC_0297 Others hiked Emerald Pool including: Ali, Anderson, Mark, Emily, Colleen & Marjean.


First cousins once-removed: Anderson & Emily. The beginning of Anderson’s generation; the end of mine.


DSC_0329 DSC_0330


The only family traditions we didn’t cover during this reunion were a talent show and a human pyramid. (Sometimes your talent is your pyramid.) Ah, next time.


Non-silly group shot

I just noticed all Queed and Jean’s kids are seated. Did we do that on purpose? This makes it somewhat easy to ID families. The kids seated L to R: Colleen, Scott, Mike, Queed, Jean, Mark, Kirk, Chris. Their spouses and kids are more or less behind them.


How the birds see us.

Thanks for a great reunion Grandma and Grandpa. I love being a Weiler!



Crystal said...

Anderson splashing = best picture ever!

Wein said...

i love this post because yes, i am indeed a loser but at least i got the good skin :)

lys said...

Oh my goodness, your grandma is SO PRETTY! Honestly I don't think I've ever seen a prettier great-grandma before.

(And I loved all your other pictures too.)

Mom said...

Great recap of another wonderful Weiler gathering.

Rebecca Ann said...

There are just so many things wrong with the first picture of us. Namely, Mike holding Scott's hand and getting reading to kiss it. Dan's face is classic. You can't see me. Spencer's finger...

Thanks for documenting. Good times with the extended fam. I heard a rumor you're planning the next one.

Ming said...

SO fun! Ditto Crystal's comment. LOVE the pic of Anderson splashing. Gorgeous family. Great reunion!

anna banana said...

Love your pictures, way to go with the camera, will you come take pictures of my kids? Ha! Confession: I get tired of the camera, really tired.

Also cant believe how tan Lisa is....who knew you had those genes in your fam, not me!

Love and miss you!

Also from previous post on your coming home gift, way to go Harley, that is awesome!

Gwendolyn said...

Will I ever look that hot in my bathing suit again?? Great post-baby bod Wendy! Glad you guys had a great trip :)

Harley King said...

Love those Weiler vacays.

PS I married you to get close to your family.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Oh, that was so fun huh?! Such a good blog post. You really do need to print your blog into a scrap book. It's so good. I love the picture of Anders in the canoe not liking his life jacket:) I miss him. I love all the pics actually. Good job. I hope grandma and grandpa and cousins read this post.

jonathan said...

Yes, the seating arrangement was planned.

jonathan said...

Jonathan = Ali

Jessica Taggart said...

Great pics, great family, great traditions! Remember when I had Easter dinner one time at their house and they hid eggs for ME? How generous!

Rob said...

"losers (like Lisa) had to eat baby food"
LOSERS! MY EYE! If I remember correctly, the so-called losers left the game four bucks richer than the real losers (and a little bit healthier I might add. Just Say Yes to baby food carrots!)
Insert small, distinct pause, then a laugh here.
Indeed, its great to be a Weiler

Mike said...

Hi Wendy I am just practiceiing my comments. It was a great week. Thank for all the great pictures.