Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm a Gleek

Fox's new show Glee was going to be a "Fabulous Right Now" on this blog. But it's more than fabulous, so today, it gets its own post. After re-watching all 3 episodes in one day, a day I should have spent doing life catch-up, I knew I was dealing with something really special.

And really special it is.

The pilot aired in May. I liked it. When Glee returned this fall, I wanted to love it. I watched episode 2 with my mom and sister, and we were laughing out loud. By the end of episode 3, Glee (especially characters Sue and Sandy) had officially won me over. I am now a self-proclaimed Gleek. Favorite new show. It may even be favorite show of my adulthood, unless Obama really does bring back Arrested Development.

Glee is pure bliss for me for a few reasons. I LOVE pop songs turned show choir-y. It gives me goosebumps in that special spot where nostalgia and cheesiness meet. I love that spot. Even better than the musical numbers, are the over-the-top, dramatized characters.

The humor is so up my comical alley it's not even funny. This is exactly. what. I. find. hilarious. Glee pairs every extreme personality with every blanket stereotype and lets it play out in high school, a setting as joyful as it is painful to remember. Maybe that's the best thing about Glee. It's like going back to high school and reliving every amazing, awful and only-in-your-wildest dreams moment. All presented through song and dance.

I heart Glee so much it hurts.

Glee is hitting the entertainment industry at the perfect time. It rides the popular song and dance wake from shows like Idol and High School Musical. It feeds the addiction to strong character humor perfected by comedies like 30 Rock and The Office. Glee has all the elements to take regionals, er, be a smash hit.

Go Glee. Go Fox. Go Ryan Murphy.

If you're not hooked, well, where have you been? Catch up here. Fellow Gleeks, a little sneak peak of tonight's show.

***UPDATE: Gotta say, I'm a little disappointed with tonight's episode. Did I jinx it?


Harley King said...

Can someone







Fox? You listening? We're not done collecting from 'chew.

Crystal said...

I am a super Gleek as well. I watched the premiere last spring and thought it wasn't quite worth all the hype. But now having watched every episode, promo video, extra, etc.... I take it all back.
I love that you did this for a post. I have been thinking about doing the same.... and still may seeing as how the whole world NEEDS to know the joy that is Glee. Hands down the best thing on tv right now.

Crystal said...

ps I can't even narrow my favorite character down to four there are too many somebodies to love!

Logical Libby said...

I love this show. I really didn't want to, but I can't help myself. I think it was the "Josh Groban loves a blousy alcoholic" line that really stole my heart.

Me said...
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Me said...

I love Glee!

And your blog.

And your amazing pictures of Anderson.

And the fact that my word verification for this comment is "thutt".

Joni Newman :)

Kelly D. said...

I heart Glee. I heart the fact that Carter loves it also and we get to watch together. But most of all, I heart that guy with his Obama sign.

Becca said...

Wendy, I'm a Gleek too! I enjoy watching it!

Jessica Taggart said...

Are we GLEEKS? Or are we GLOSERS? Is there a way we can all skype and watch this collectively? How much more fabulous would that be?

Jill said...

I'm loving Glee as well. I was SO bummed yesterday when my cable acted up and instead of Glee I got a boring black screen. So sad.

Holly said...

Okay, I have to add since only one of my other friends has been watching I haven't been able to have this discussion. So, I loved the pilot, and was TOTALLY looking forward to Glee. This show is totally up my ally, but now, I'm not so sure. John walked in while I was watching it and watched it for a little while with me, and was like, "gee, these are all great messages to send to high schoolers..." Not talking about the message of you can be or do anything you want you don't have to stay where your stereotype puts you, etc. But, the whole sex part of it. I mean two songs performed in high school about sex? We were totally not allowed to sing songs like that in show choir when I was in school. A few girls in my spin class were like, "come on Holly, it's only a tv show..." I'm kind of torn. The humor is HILARIOUS, the characters great, but... I don't know... I missed last nights episode so I couldn't see if maybe it was a little better... was it?

Kaija said...

funny that you were disappointed last tonight. maybe we just have different tastes. last week I was over glee. but this week, i'm glad i watched, i am totally into it again. loved this episode!

Mom said...

I'm still on the fence about Glee but not about your writing skills, Harley is right you should get paid.

Sarah S said...

I agree with your friend Holly - I have really, really wanted to love Glee. I didn't see the preview episode that aired months ago, but had heard so much hype about it all summer that I was excited to watch Glee this fall.

But come on - calling it a FAMILY show (I read reviews of the show in the Chicago Tribune and in one of my magazines, I'm blanking which one now that were saying it was so wonderful for families)... I feel like the writers have snuck sex in with every angle possible. And there are so many side messages that are really disappointing to me. This show has a cool premise and great humor, but I worry about what it's doing for kids/teens.

I'm not trying to sound all goody two shoes - I have a secret love for the show Gossip Girl, which is by no means wholesome. But it doesn't try to come across as this fun, new musical show that families will love.

I agree someone should pay you to blog, Wendy...