Thursday, August 6, 2009


Every day he surprises me.

Every day he outsmarts me.

Every day he breaks a new boundary.

Every day he. is. Troubs.

My mother-in-law says 12-18 months is her least favorite age. In her words, those kids, “ have all the physical ability to kill themselves and none of the mental ability to stop it."



Note:  that perfect high chair gets even better when you realize you can tie knots in the safety belt to keep it tight and escape-free.  Mommy:  1, Troubs:  0.  For today, at least.


Emily said...

Yep! It's not the terrible twos, it's the Terrible Eighteen Months. I've read a lot of parenting books that say it starts at 18 mo, but it doesn't "dawn" on parents until the kid is already 2, and some patterns are already developed.

But look at him! He's SO CUTE! It's easy to forgive when he's so cute! ;-)

xoxo Good luck!

Codi said...

Both my girls have been more difficult at round 15 months than they were/are in their two's... but there is something about that age (12-18 months) that I just love... the trouble that they get into is just so dang funny. Also they are not old enough to talk back, Iris' little attitude is killing me :)

Wendy said...

I think that age is so fun and full of discovery!!!!
Caution Note to mama: Don't watch the Curious George movie until "Troubs" is potty trained.
You ask, what will happen if you don't take heed to this advice?
You walk into his bedroom one morning and see poopy hand prints all over the wall.....

Ali Snow said...

I love that you don't hurry and sit him down...but instead take a picture. Awesome :)

Sarah S said...

I agree with your MIL - that phase of early toddler-dom is SO hard. But I will say - as frustrating as it can be, this age is so innocent still in their trouble-making... now that we're immersed in the 2-year-old phase with Eli, I'm realizing that he's not always so innocent anymore! But I can reason with him for the most part, which is something that isn't possible with a 15-month-old.

Anderson is a cute troublemaker though!! Keep snapping those great pics :)

Jess said...

He's adorable. And your MIL's description is perfect. I'm going to have to quote her on that.

Gwendolyn said...

I just saw this picture I haven't even THOUGHT about this stage of development yet. Horrifying. Hope you guys are having fun on your whirlwind tour!