Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Go West

We had such a great time on our Utah Staycation/BFF World Tour 2008 we've decided to do it again. So here we go. For 39 days. Exhausting. Madness. AMAZING. All rolled into four long plane rides with a 16 month old. Yay!

39 days is a LONG time to be gone. A trip like that requires a lot of stuff.
Not pictured: massive car seat.

New luggage stuffed to the max, weighing in at 49.5 lb each: CHECK

Eye roll when Harley announces he'll just use his old, gamey backpack: CHECK

Diaper bag packed with plenty of diapers, wipes and spare clothes: CHECK

Plane bag packed with plenty of treats, books, surprises (for him) and drugs (for me): CHECK

Unmistakable ribbons (shout out Ribbon Factory Outlet Store) tied to new luggage so we remember what our bags looks like: CHECK

Apartment clean for visitors while we're away: umm... 1/2 CHECK (Sorry Claire & Steve!)

Utah, Idaho, California & Colorado: Here we come!

In honor of today's journey, a little Pet Shop Boys. I mean, really, who doesn't love this song? For me, it brings back fond memories of junk tapes and Haley Taylor. She's Haley Mack now, but back in the early '90s, she was definitely Taylor, er Oscar Wayer Miener, right? ;) See YOU next week girl!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Every day he surprises me.

Every day he outsmarts me.

Every day he breaks a new boundary.

Every day he. is. Troubs.

My mother-in-law says 12-18 months is her least favorite age. In her words, those kids, “ have all the physical ability to kill themselves and none of the mental ability to stop it."



Note:  that perfect high chair gets even better when you realize you can tie knots in the safety belt to keep it tight and escape-free.  Mommy:  1, Troubs:  0.  For today, at least.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grammy Heaven


Dad, Allison, Tom & Lisa:

Good luck getting Mom home. I think she’s found her new happy place.




002 (2)

Anderson 15 1/2 months, Lincoln almost 3 weeks

004 (2)

Grandpa, we’re coming for you next.