Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome Lincoln




9:21 PM

9 LB 1 OZ

21 IN

My sister Cheryl finally (six days overdue!) had her baby Tuesday. Lincoln’s safe arrival marked a joyful end of a long, hard journey. Cheryl miscarried three times in less than two years. We were all anxious during this 4th pregnancy. As my mom put it, “I will finally exhale when this baby inhales.” I think that’s how we all felt. Cheryl was a rock star and after 26 hours of labor, Lincoln made her dreams come true. He is perfect. And oh sooo cute. We’re all bonkers for baby. What a miracle.


I was fortunate to be in Charlottesville helping Cheryl organize and decorate her nursery Monday, time her earliest contractions Monday night, then join her minutes after Lincoln was born Tuesday night. I had to skip the laboring in the hospital part since Anderson was with me (not part of the original plan) and a 15 month old doesn’t exactly make the best labor coach. Anderson and I killed time hanging out around town and at Cheryl’s apartment. It got late, so I put Anderson to bed. About 20 minutes later my mom called and said, “She’s pushing!” then hung up. I paced the floor of Cheryl’s apartment. I hated missing it. I peaked in at Anderson, who was out cold in Lincoln’s crib, and reminded myself, “You can’t let him hold you back.” (Great advice Stephanie gave me so long ago!) I woke up my toddler, plopped him in the car and said, “Sorry Anderson, but we’re going to meet Cuz!” (Lincoln did not have a name at that point, so we’d been calling him “Cuz,” short for cousin.) Of course Anderson was not allowed in the L&D room (we may or may not have upset a few nurses as we tried to sneak by), so we hung out in the waiting room until Lincoln was born. Then my mom and I took turns gushing over Lincoln and sitting with Anderson. I pretty much fell in love with this little guy upon first sight.


DSC_0183-1 Anderson was a trooper. Despite being woken up and dragged to the boring hospital waiting room, he did great. He’s like me. He can’t miss a party.

DSC_0190-1 Waiting… waiting…

DSC_0195-1 Worth it!

The next day Anderson got to meet his cousin. They are almost exactly 15 months apart. Anderson is so excited to have a little cousin. Okay, maybe he doesn’t get it, but I am so excited for Anderson to have a little cousin.

DSC_0243-1 DSC_0246-1



DSC_0260 DSC_0269 DSC_0284 DSC_0286 DSC_0288


We love you Lincoln! Congrats Harris family!


Wein said...

AH! I love the pictures!!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

I love this blog post!!!!! Wendy you have been so great through this whole thing and now you've helped me once again by blogging the news for me. I am going to post to my blog to see your blog because I don't really have the time and energy to blog right now. Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do! Lincoln has a wonderful aunt.

Kelly D. said...

Such cute little cousins! And what an adventure! And I cannot get over how amazing Cheryl looks after 26 hours of labor!!!! Motherhood definitely agrees with her :)

Ali Snow said...

Finally! I'm so excited for there to be more pictures! I can't wait to meet the guy in a few weeks!

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Great post Wendy, thanks for summing up how we all feel.

Ming said...

SO cute! Love it!!! Okay, what are all of these cute shirts Cheryl is wearing? Did she not ever wear the oh so lovely hospital nursing gowns? It's girls like this that make the rest of us look so bad after giving birth. Argh. All of that was my way of saying Cheryl looks amazing after giving birth and I'm jealous! :) Darling new family!

Ben said...

This is awesome. We're so happy for everyone. I can't believe this will be us any day now!

Rebecca Ann said...

Babies! Yay!

See you all soon.

Tyler and Cassidy said...

Congratulations!! ..& holy crap, did Cheryl marry Harley's taller brother? - At first glance, I thought that was Harley in the second picture.

Kricket said...

What a fun story and cute baby. We don't let our kids slow us down either and that has worked really well for all of us.

Alex and Katie said...

Congrats Cheryl and Ryan! How exciting. And, PS, when did Anderson's hair get so blonde!?!

Emily said...

What a handsom little boy. Cheryl looks beautiful, I wish I had looked that good after giving birth... I hope Ryans away rotation in Denver is going to work out alright, I wasn't much help. Emily Reese

Crystal said...

Wendy are you ever at home. It seems you are always on the go and I don't know how you do it with a little Anderson in tow. What fun though and congrats the the new family.

becky said...

What a precious new baby. I especially love the pics of Anderson checking out Lincoln!

And please tell your sister she's GORGEOUS! Clearly beauty is a shared family trait!


Stephanie said...

I'm so proud of you for not missing the party! Those sweet little boys look like they could be brothers!