Thursday, June 25, 2009


Girlfriends. I love them. I
need them. I'd been going way too long without them.

I have wonderful, amazing, beautiful girlfriends. Many of them. I'm blessed like that. Unfortunately they don't live by me. I miss them terribly and schedule ridiculous BFF World Tours to catch up with them. I miss them as individuals, but even more, I miss having their relationships in my daily life. I have "friends" in the DC area. We have great "couple friends." But I've struggled to make girlfriends. You know, really good girlfriends. Not a chit chat friends, but soul bearing girlfriends. Not smile and nod friends but laugh 'til you cry girlfriends. It's hard to make these kinds of friends. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes history. It's an emotional investment. But they are so worth it. I've gotten close to cultivating the beginnings of these precious relationships a few times out here, but just as I do, one of us moves.

A few months ago I was invited (actually, I kind of invited myself... I was that desperate) into a circle of true girlfriends. I was amazed at how fast I fell in love with these girls. They are lovely, intelligent, creative, thoughtful, fun and oh so funny! I have this Diva to thank:

Meet Becky Wickstrom. My amazing 2nd chance girlfriend. We call each other 2nd chance because we did not become girlfriends on our first chance. We met 6 1/2 years ago. We should have been girlfriends then, but we only recently became true girlfriends. The why and how behind our 2nd chance are tales for another time. The point is, on our 2nd chance, Becky took me in and truly girlfriend-ed me. Then she opened her arms even wider and embraced Kara, a mutual longtime friend, that is now a girlfriend. Becky did this by inviting Kara and me to join her and her two best girlfriends for Theatrical Thursdays. This weekly tradition, dubbed TT, involved matchy scratchies (matching pajamas provided by Becky), great food (usually made from scratch by Becky) and something theatrical.

Theatrical Thursday Ladies being cheesy in our matchy scratchies. We love cheesy.

Sometimes TT was simply watching The Office, 30 Rock or American Idol. Most times it was just five girls swapping best, worst, embarrassing, awkward and funny stories. We usually sat on Becky's couch (she always hosted), but one time we sat on her closet floor, admiring her insane shoe collection, and laughing until our cheeks hurt. Laughing was my favorite part of TT. One TT we did something really theatrical and attended Bethany's vocal recital (which was amazing).

Basking in Bethany's spotlight

We come from different phases of life, (married with kids, married without kids, single, careers, etc.), but Thursday nights we had everything in common. We just gelled. Before I knew it I had girlfriends again. I was so happy.



(freaking out when our beloved Georgetown Cupcakes arrived in a big, toppled mess. We were sad, then each grabbed a fork and dove into the box. Still delicious!)

and Bethany

Our husbands loved each other too. (They also loved our cupcake obsession.) When your girlfriends' husbands enjoy each other it makes your girlfriends even better.

Our children were peeps as well.

TTs were fabulous but fleeting. The tradition lasted less than three months, then stopped when Becky moved. The good news is she moved to Utah. The bad news is it just isn't the same without her. The other girls and I remain girlfriends and have plans to reunite soon, but realistically, the weekly TTs aren't happening. The first Thursday without Becky involved no theatrics at all. I honored the night by driving to Becky's neighborhood and getting my hair done. That was another wonderful result of girlfriending Becky. She introduced me to her girlfriend who does hair (and does it well) out of her home and is totally affordable. Harley is so grateful.

We did not let Becky's last weeks go without copious amounts of fanfare and pictures. Today, on this unTheatrical Thursday, I choose not to mourn Becky's departure or pout because my girlfriends are scattered. Instead I look at these photos and celebrate my Theatrical Thursday girlfriends. I celebrate all girlfriends! I rejoice in laughs we shared and wonderful people, secrets and treasures we brought into each others lives. We had some truly fabulous times.

Celebrating Rachel's birthday at the Melting Pot

Triple dating

One day we wanted to go shopping. We wanted to go to several places. We wanted to go together. So Becky rented a mini van, and we had a field trip. It was amazing!

Everyone had shopping success! Here we are in front of that special store that sells huge (the size of your head) bolts of ribbon for ridiculously low prices.

Eating cupcakes. Oh how we love Georgetown Cupcakes!

Thank you Becky. Thank you for graciously, generously, and ever so warmly embracing me into your circle of girlfriends. I never saw it coming, yet it was exactly what I needed.

Bethany, Wendy, Becky, Kara & Rachel
I love these girlfriends.

P.S. Becky throws amazing parties. Have I mentioned that before? Covet them here.


Ming said...

This post makes me jealous! So fun!!! Beautifully written. I miss you. I think I'll call you right now :)

Kaija said...

You are a lucky lucky lady, Wendy!

Rachel said...



Next lives on!

Love the pic you picked of me. haha. I am great at playing the piano blind.

SO grateful Becky brought us together. I adore you!

Jess said...

What a fun group! I agree with you--it's really hard to find good girlfriends. I've found one, maybe 2 since college.

Kara said...

Love this post! I was going to do a girlfriends post myself, believe it or not. Maybe now I'll just put a link to yours; is that cheating?

I love you guys and totally mimic your sentiments, 100%. SO grateful for Becky and her knack of bringing people together. Love the pic of our betrothed children!

Emily said...

Becky is the kind of friend you pick up and move for. So, when are we moving back to Utah? (Notice how I just invited myself? ;-))

The Knisley's said...

How fun! I need to start one of those groups over here in Tampa!! We do have a Ladies' activity club around here but it has sizzled...we need to bring some more flava' to it. You've just inspired me.

Wein said...

Way to go Becky and TTLs. Ya, girlfriends are exhausting but you get cute pjs and cupcakes. I love that Becky rented a mini van :)

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

I need to meet these chicas.

Chris said...
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becky said...

Oh Wendy King, how I love you! I'm 100% behind on my blogging/reading of blogs (like two months off the radar), but this post was a wonderful welcome back.

I miss you girls like crazy and I'm kicking myself for not starting this fun, necessary and rejuvenating tradition. I feel selfish for doing it because it was exactly what I needed!

You are so wonderful. And I'm beyond grateful for our awesome second chance friendship. Now it's official and it's forever.

I can't wait for you to move back to Utah and bring your divas, your Kingly men, your fierce style, your love of Jack Bauer, your generous spirit and yourSELF! Hurry. I miss you! I'm the lucky one for meeting and finally becoming friends with THE Wendy W. King. Love you!

p.s. I originally posted this comment with Chris' ID. Whoops. That would have been quite the outpouring of affection. But you know Chris loves you!

Holly said...

Becky told me about this post last night, and I had to check it out! awwwww!! So cute, and like Mindy it makes me a tad jealous... :) But, I'm over it. How fun!! I wish she had started that when I was in MD too!!!!! Then I'd have matchie scratchies too. I put on Rachel's blog that I need an honorary pair. :)

Lisa said...

This looks so fun! I know what you is hard to find good girlfriends to hang out with that you can just have fun with and be yourself!

Sarah S said...

The minivan idea is hilarious!! And seeing the outside of the ribbon store brought back memories of Stephanie Rogers and I schlepping our three total kids into that store, sticking a portable DVD player on the double stroller so they would stay happy, and buying SO MUCH RIBBON. I went crazy. And still have rolls the size of my head sitting in my craft cave in the basement. Someday I will use them :)

I can't wait for DMDG 2010! It's hard to believe it's already less than a year away.