Monday, May 11, 2009

I Turn My Camera On

I have loved my photography class at the University of Maryland. It wraps up tonight with my final project (which turned out disappointing. The colors were all kinds of distorted during printing. Curses Costco!).

Here are my favorite shots from previous assignments.

Assignment #1: Open

Assignment #2: Different Views

Assignment #3: Shutter Speed (Frozen, Blurred, Panning)

Assignment #4: Aperture (Depth of Field)

Assignment #5: Narrative

Assignment #6: Composition

Cheryl was kind enough to let me use her and her belly as the subject for the first part of this assignment. She was careful enough to commit me to ask permission before sharing the pictures. Therefore one of the best shots (teacher's favorite) will not be posted. Cheryl's pregnant. She gets veto rights.

My favorite one is still this one. One of the first pictures I took during my first assignment:


becky said...

WHOA! That class was worth every cent! You're pictures are AHHHH-MAZING! I seriously love them! And your sister is so darling (and gorgeous) pregnant!

YAY Wendy!

Ming said...

These are great! Such a great class. Way to go! You keep saying every family needs a that can be you. One of my faves is Harley and Anders in the cherry blossoms. Precious.

Harley King said...

You know how I like 'em...


Claudia said...

Awesome pictures! You have a great eye!

Becca said...

Great pictures! You really have the touch!

Brooke said...

Wendy!! These pics are AWESOME! Anderson is lucky to have such a talented mom documenting his childhood. and what a fun class!! I recently took a photo class too, but it wasn't nearly as cool as yours! Next Diva reunion, you're in charge of pictures!!

Emily said...

Super Cool. Gorgeous photos--I think it is so great you're doing this class.

Jill said...

Wow. I want to take a photo class now.

Sarah S said...

Awesome pictures!! Your class sounds like it was really cool. I love the subjects in your various assignments. The Harley pics are really fun.

And Cheryl's belly looks pretty awesome! I love preggie pictures.

Kara said...

Awesome girl. Class definitely paid for itself.
Favorite picture...Cheryl with the cereal box. Looks like it should be in a magazine.
AND, you amaze me with shutter priority. That is one setting that baffles me, even after I've taken my class. Good job!

anna banana said...

It looks like you had such a great time, and I really love alot of the stuff you did. Some of my favs are from the shutter speed assignment. I like Anderson on the train!

Amber Snow said...

JEALOUS! I want your photography skillz . . . BAD! I love that first picture of Anderson too - definitely my fave.

Anonymous said...


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Wein said...