Friday, May 29, 2009

2 Degrees Down, 1 To Go





We did it!  Harley graduated with a dual graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University Friday.  Do we look thrilled?  We are!  We’ll be even more thrilled in three years when he graduates for the last time.  All these schools and degrees get a little confusing (and eternal), I know.  Harley did JHU’s 3 year program in 2 years and therefore completed his coursework last May.  (Meantime we moved from Gaithersburg to Bladensburg and started a PhD program at the University of Maryland.)  Last week Harley went back to JHU to walk with his class.  At first it felt a little strange since we’ve been “done” with JHU for a year, and Harley never attended class at the home campus in Baltimore (he attended a satellite campus in Rockville).  But it didn’t take long for us (read: me) to get swept away in the pomp and circumstance of the day.  I’m just so proud of Harley.  He was 1 of 19 graduates receiving a Masters of Science in Biotechnology/Masters of Business Administration.  He’s worked really hard and both degrees are well deserved.  We had the perfect day celebrating him, his dedication and his sacrifice.








DSC_0091    DSC_0086-1DSC_0077-1DSC_0083-1


I was so proud of Harley I made these crafty cupcakes.  This is pretty much the craftiest thing I’ve done in the kitchen.  Ever.  Be impressed people.

DSC_0030-1  DSC_0019-2 DSC_0022-2

Hopefully we will be celebrating a PhD from the University of Maryland in May 2012 when Harley completes the 5-6 year program in 4 years.  Hopefully.  ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

They Came, They Saw, They Cracked Us Up

We took the dairymen out of the country,

and placed them smack dab in the middle of the big city. (A city full of Democrats and liberals no less.)

And boy did we have fun.

Visiting the zoo...

Seeing the sites...

Walking, oh the walking...

Chasing (literally) and catching (usually) this guy...

Overpaying for food (just like he "overpays for taxes")...

Working on all our tricks like "so big"...

Playing with dogs...

Comparing bed head...

Enjoying fine dining...

And pouring plenty of love and attention on the Bug...

My favorite part? Laughing. Just laughing...

Not pictured: trip to Urgent Care after I stepped on a rusty nail. Pain=practically nothing. Damage to shoe=marginal. Recollection of last Tetanus shot=??? It's that last part that had us strongly advised to find a doctor (after hours) within 6 hours. Worst part=missing American Idol finale!!!

Oh yeah, and Harley graduated. More on that to come.

We thoroughly enjoyed Ed & Debby's visit. It was so entertaining to hear their colorful commentary on the federal government, Beltway traffic and not being able to spit and hit a Wal-Mart.

In my book, they just don't make 'em much better than Ed & Debby King.

I feel blessed to be able to truly say I love my in-laws.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grandpa Jeddie Had a Farm

We attended the Prince George's County A-May-Zing Animal Fest yesterday. It was interesting to watch Anderson and see what he liked and didn't like.

He didn't so much care for:

the slide...

or the Animal Fest characters.

But he LOVED:

walking away from us...

and being around big kids.

Anderson with D'Andre, a kid we met at the Fest. Not pictured: D'Andre's brothers D'Quan, Jason and sister Passion.

Most of all Anderson loved ANIMALS.


Bearded Dragon


Am I really surprised with his animal fascination? His grandpa is a dairyman. His dad loves animals and informed me yesterday he still has desires to own dogs, goats and (this one is new) bees someday. Of course Harley's child would like animals. Anderson is obsessed with dogs. Obsessed. I don't know where or how he learned about them, but he loves them. He's also learned the sign for "bunny." Anderson knows really useful signs like "more," "all done," "bye-bye," "eat," "milk." I thought "drink" would be next. But nope, it's "bunny." We can't communicate about thirst, but we have long chats about rabbits.

This post is dedicated to Grandpa Jeddie, his dog Skeeter Reed and all his dairy cows. Jeddie and Grandma arrive in two days. Have I mentioned we're excited?

Not pictured: boa constrictor, rabbit, goat, turtle, chicken & owl. All of which Anderson liked.

P.S. My seriously talented and crazy creative friends have started a fabulous paper company called Junky Heirloom. Like Dunder Mifflin, but prettier. Actually it's nothing like Dunder Mifflin, but it is everything like creating all I've ever wanted to say on a card and making it look beautiful. I love their simple greetings, small thoughts, frames and magnets. I'm featuring them under Fabulous Right Now (go check them out!), but because I'm so impressed with the product and so proud to say I know them (and even lived with one of them) they also get this special PS shout out.