Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Story of Anderson James King: The First Year

I finished the movie I made of Anderson. It's my scrapbook for him. I suspected movie making would be better than scrapbooking for me, and now I'm pretty sure I've converted. With a movie you can include music, video and captions. I don't have to look at my crooked handwriting or embarrassingly non-crafty paper skills. It requires no work space. And no expense! I admire you scrapbookers. I see a few advantages in your ways. But putting together a production rather than an artsy book is so much more me. I don't know if I'll touch an embellishment or pair of Fiskars scissors again.

I wasn't going to do this... but after much debate, I have decided to post the *full movie on my blog.

*Disclaimer: It is 36 minutes long. I realize by posting this, I become That Mom who blogged a massive video of her child. That Mom can seriously bug. Let it be known, I am posting this only for the people who aren't getting a hard copy and have shown sincere interest in seeing the entire movie. (The fact that blogging the movie archives it FOREVER is an added perk. When you work really hard on something, back-ups are comforting.) After failed attempts at trying to share the movie other ways, I've concluded this format is most successful and efficient. So unless you are my sisters, my best friend or a select few others (you know who you are), please feel free to skip this post. And please, don't judge me.

Does my disclaimer make me not That Mom? Yeah... didn't think so.

The Story of Anderson James King
The First Year


(to make it bigger, download here)

P.S. This is my 100th post. Kinda fitting it be a big one.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Who Says That?

EXCHANGE #1 (positive)

Me: "Are *these shoes on sale?"

Sales Associate: "No, they're full price. But I can get you 11% off."

Me: "I don't want a Macy's card."

Associate: "No, I'll just give you 11% off."

Me: "Because...?"

Associate shrugs shoulders.

Me: "Because, I'm just lucky?"

Associate: "And your kid is cute."

Me: "Um... OKAY!"

*Shopping Success!! I finally found my much sought-after animal print flats. Best part: I used a gift card, so free for me!

EXCHANGE #2 (negative)

Mail Carrier (watching Anderson climb our building stairs): "He looks like a girl."

Me In My Head: What am I a supposed to say to that? Agree? Get defensive? Say "thanks"? How in any way do you think that's an okay thing to say? On what planet is that comment anything but rude??

Me Out Loud: Silence.

Mail Carrier: "You know, he really does."

*Editor's Note: Anderson couldn't be dressed more boy. He is wearing a navy blue and grey baseball-style shirt with denim overalls featuring patches of tools popping out of the pockets. (Admittedly, not our BEST outfit day. It's laundry day and a weird weather day. I am also "testing" the outfit to see if Anderson can make it cute.) Come to think of it, the outfit is probably how she knew he is, in fact, a boy. That's the thing that gets me. She KNEW... yet she proceeded to say out loud that she believed he looked otherwise. Babies (and some toddlers) are hard to identify gender-wise. I get that; I'm not offended if you THINK my kid is a girl. I'm sure I've made mistakes with other people's kids. But only in my head! NEVER, have I been confident of a gender, then decided to state the child's look appeared the opposite.

Me In My Head: You look like a female Randy Jackson pre-gastric bypass surgery.

Me Out Loud: "You think so, huh?"

Mail Carrier: "Oh yeah, especially the smile."

Yes, because of all things setting boys and girls apart, SMILES are the most distinguishable.

Sorry Anderson, I guess you "smile like a girl." Let's ditch our 'hood and go back to Macy's.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Anderson!

Anderson turns 1 today. I can hardly believe it. He is the joy and light of our lives and we love, love, LOVE him. The past 12 months have been exceedingly fulfilling, rewarding and FUN. I keep thinking the new mother high will wear off, but it doesn't. There are some hard days; but every night when I peak over his crib and see him sleeping so peacefully, I just smile and think, "I've never been so happy." This is what life is all about.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Trailer

Some people make a scrapbook documenting a baby's first year. I've spent two weeks making a 30 minute movie. As we approach Anderson's first birthday, this has been the perfect way for me to reflect on all the joy of the past 12 months. Anderson doesn't know it yet, but in the long run, I think this movie will be his favorite gift.

It's not finished, but I agreed to post a preview (aka 1 of 13 songs) for anxious family members.


(to view bigger click here)

Full-length, feature film coming soon on DVD to a mailbox near you. (If you are a grandparent.)