Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We DID It!

We're back in Maryland. We survived. And boy did we have fun. We had some really great times. We had some really awful things happen. I may or may not share them here. It's a tough call. Do you try to catch up? Do you just move forward? Blah.

We were sad to see The Great Schelp of '08 end, but it's good to be back. It's good to be back to MY bed. Back to MY shower. Back to MY DESK!!!! (Although, Mindy, I'm kind of missing your Desk of All Amazingness.) It was, of course, so wonderful to be greeted by Harley, and surprise -- piles of presents and packages! We've been celebrating Christmas and Birthday Round 2, and it has been AWESOME!

So much to write. So much to post. My camera is as full as my fridge is empty. I can't decide which is worse: the state of my apartment or the state of my blog. Probably the apartment. Harley (bless him) "cleaned" for us by picking up but not exactly cleaning up. The apartment looks like you would expect after having a bachelor live alone for 3 weeks. Harley looks like a bachelor left alone for 3 weeks. He has not touched a razor nor the laundry. And he turned off the heat. He took down half the Christmas decorations then decided he wasn't very good at it and stopped.

We now begin re-entry into real life. But not before one more party. While we were away, Harley took up a new hobby and decided to fill Anderson's crib with the fruits of his labor.

Anderson was not impressed. Or maybe he was just really, really, tired? He wins Ultimate Baby Schlep and Still Smiling (usually) of the Year Award!!!

Harley wins Husband and Daddy of the Year Award for wholeheartedly supporting our extended, post-holiday travels (aka our BFF World Tour).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wendy's Birthday!!!

This is Cheryl Harris, Wendy's sister, hacking into her blog to wish her some VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!! I'm at work and don't have any pictures, other wise I'd post all kinds of very embarrassing pictures that coincide with reasons why she is awesome. Regardless of the lack of pics, I still have reasons!

1) So Much Fun and Energy.
Have you ever known someone who can bring excitement into a room simply walking into it? That's Wendy! It's always a party when she's around and conversation is never lacking.

2) So Thoughtful
She rocks at remembering every one's special days and sending notes and cards and thank-you's that make you feel loved.

3) Best Friend and Sister
Isn't she an awesome, loyal friend? I am so glad she's my sister!

4) Rockin' New Mama
Any of you who've seen her with her new babe know how much she absolutely loves him. It's been so fun to see her as a mother and she is doing a fabulous job. Anderson is quite partial to her as well.

Happy Birthday Wendy! I Love you!!!