Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three Things That Make My Life Easier: Chapter 1


Have you heard of these guys? They come into your home and put in a new bathtub/shower over your old bathtub/shower in one day. We didn't personally hire these people, but our landlord did right before we moved in. And let me tell, you it's been great! First of all, they install shelves. That's right, storage in the shower. This is great when you live in a small apartment with lots of stuff and not a lot of storage. No more shampoo and body wash bottles taking up precious linen closet space. It's all in the shower. Up high too, so it doesn't get wet. But the best part (yes, it can get better than storage in the shower): it's so easy to clean! Hands down, my most dreaded cleaning job is the shower. Bath Fitter uses this crazy genius high-gloss, non-porous surface. It's like plastic. There is no grout, no goop, no mold, no mildew, no fuss. You just spray it down with some shower cleaner after each use (sometime we don't even do that), use the squeegy if you're really motivated, and wah-lah, you're CLEAN. Once since we've lived here (four months) Harley got inside the tub and did a really good wipe down with cleaner and paper towels. He didn't have to. We just wanted it extra sparkling. It's like a self cleaning shower with storage. Love it!

Welcome to my shower. The spray bottle on the left is all we use to clean. See how much I'm storing on that shelf? Amazing! And that's not the only shelf...

2. GPS

Many of you have probably used and loved a Global Positioning System for years, but we just got our hands on one in August. Now that I have it, I can't remember how I lived without it. Kind of like the cell phone. I struggle in the car. Both with driving and with directions. Let me drive home the point: I'm almost as good on the road as I am in the kitchen. Yeah. So our Magellan, or Madge as we like to call her, is my new best friend. No more looking up stuff ahead of time. No more Mapquest. Just give me an address. Madge tells me where to turn, when to turn (yep, our unit includes the "ding" feature), how much further, how much longer and so much more! This has been especially helpful in a new town, just outside a major, very crowded and confusing big city. Pre-GPS, sure, I would get there eventually. But it wouldn't be pretty and gas and time (not to mention stress) would be seriously wasted. Not so with the GPS. It gets better. I recently programmed my favorite places into Madge. Now with a couple of quick touches, I am safely, correctly, and efficiently guided to Tysons Corner, Dulles Airport, or in tonight's case Casa Wickstrom, with complete confidence.


We're a little too poor for TiVo these days. In fact, we're even skimping on cable. We have an antenna, which only works about 75% of the time. It's free, so that's great, but it's unpredictability can ruin a good night of your favorite TV show. That's where comes in. Hulu is a website offering free, clean, minimal ad-supported episodes of most TV shows. They even feature some that are no longer on air. (Hello, Arrested Development. I love you.) I can watch my favorite shows (which, right now are: The Office, 30 Rock, Prison Break and Lipstick Jungle) with little commercial interruption, anytime I want. It's like TiVo. But free! And in a way, better than TiVo because I don't have to program my computer to tape them ahead of time. (Yes, I realize in every other way TiVo is better.)

("Read My Lips" NBC: Why are you canceling this Sex and the City wanna-be gem?!! Where else will I covet such fashionable clothes I'll never be able to wear?)

A practically self-cleaning shower (and did I mention the storage?) + quick, accurate navigation around the city= more time to watch my shows, interruption free.

And what does that equation mean?



Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Don't let Wendy fool you...even with the Madge, she still managed to drive us around in circles with a screaming baby in the back because she couldn't find her way home a mile away from her house a couple weeks ago. We finally switched, and I drove us home. I'll cut her some slack and blame it one her bad vision, bad weather and crying child. The Madge has lead her from Maryland to Charlottesville multiple times successfully, so I give it two thumbs up.

DC Diva said...

Cheryl's story is true. I wasn't wearing glasses or contacts (which I'm supposed to wear when driving at night) and that particular route gives me SERIOUS anxiety (like Beggar's Canyon back home) so I kept missing our exit, even with Madge.

Madge rocked. I sucked.

But for the record, I NAILED it last night. First try.

anna banana said...

I have sure enjoyed your last couple posts, I melted some choco chips last night for some candy I was making and thought of you the whole time.

I am a big fan of all the fabulousness of your new blog. I get tired of people complaining about blogs being too good, I say lets celebrate the fabulousness around us! You rock and I love you!

Kelly D. said...

Wendy, we are practically identical shower twins! I have that same Softsoap pomegranate body wash, John Frieda shampoo (except mine's for brunettes) AND the white tea body wash from B & B (thanks to you, of course! LOVE IT!). Obviously I need to call those shower guys because MY shower, unlike yours, has grout, gunk, etc, is green, and also from the 70s. Hmm, I guess the only thing our showers really have in common are the products. But still, I thought that was funny!

Thanks for sharing all the things that are making your life easier! Madge sounds like a gift from the heavens.

Kaija said...

Your shower is AWESOME! I'm jealous -- although scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner definitely makes my life easier --

becky said...

You know what I think is fabulous? You and your life-simplification picks. AMAZING!

I never thought I'd covet a shower...

And (blush) did I really make the fabulous list? My Christmas dreams came true.

You're a rockstar!