Friday, December 19, 2008

A Day in the Life of our Holiday Extravaganza

Day 3: High(and low)lights

*Becoming a brunette. (That'd be lowlights, ha ha.)

*Losing my palm pilot (for the first time in six years).

*Narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with one of these during a fierce snowstorm (with no windshield wipers) on I-15.

*Watching Dad fume (and "not gonna pray!") when our 11-year-old Suburban completely died on University Parkway. (Papa Mike put $1000 into fixing that car the day before.)

*Pushing the 'Burb and towing the 'Burb (thanks complete stranger!) here where Papa Mike learned he would really start bleeding money if he wanted to fix it. Instead, we held a funeral, said our goodbyes, and wished the 'Burb to GM heaven. I think my Dad got $96 for her...

*which we promptly spend on lunch here while humiliating a certain employee with all our family antics and punchy debating...

*which included but was not limited to: the future of the boat (no car to pull it with now) and the future of Tom and his girlfriend.

*Ending up at a ring shop (no connection to the aforementioned debate) where I got the *bling* back in my ring!

*Hanging out in Lisa's apartment (also known as "Never Never Land") with six zoobies who never want to grow up and who walk around living one big inside joke. I miss college!!

*Finally getting six of us back to Sandy in two cars, including Harley's dead great grandma's 1983 Buick. (And Harley's not even here yet...)

How we're going to schlep 12 people and all our ish all over the Wasatch Front and up Big Cottonwood Canyon over the next week is TBD. But one thing is for sure: family time just doesn't get much better than this.

Have a very MERRY Papa Mike!


Harley King said...

I wish I were there right now.

[closes eyes]


right now

Ming said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Harley? His comment made me laugh. Okay to the it! Good times already I see. Can't WAIT to see you guys!!!

Sarah S said...

Funny!! I'm excited to read more of your holiday highlights... this was a great list.

I'm sorry about your palm pilot though - that really, really stinks.

Rebecca Ann said...

Yay! You are in UTAH!

becky said...



Bahahaha. Ha. HA!



You're killing me! Love it!

becky said...

P.S. LOVE the CD!!!! You're the best!

Kaija said...

we were so sorry to miss you guys because of the snow! and we just barely barely missed eachother -- we probably passed each other on the highway between idaho and utah!!! i hope all your travels were safe and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures on your blog.

Tami H. said...

Was that TOM with a beard!! And a serious girlfriend. What happened to 12 days of Nauvoo days? I guess that was a long time ago.