Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are You Ungrateful If You Don't Blog About Thanksgiving?

Have I ever told you how much we love having visitors?

We were blessed with TWO sets of our FAVORITE people over Thanksgiving.

First came Joe, Emily, Ruby and Joseph Maximus (can I just say his name gets even better once you meet him?) from Ohio.

Then came Brooks and Cristi all the way from Idaho. After catching up, enjoying great conversation and laughing hard for two nights in a row Harley and I concluded: BYU friends are the BEST!

(even Anderson agrees, Brooks is HUH-larious!)

Before these peeps (and they really are "peeps"... especially Joe. I think he's the first peep I ever had. He's so peep, we once peeped his car... but that's another post.) graced our home, WE got to be VISITORS at Cheryl's amazing Thanksgiving FEAST. Our favorite part was feeding Anderson "real" food. He loved it!

He didn't so much love the pack n play and preferred to nap with Harley.

This year I am thankful for close family, great friends, and Anderson's crib.


Harley King said...

Someone please tell me I look as sexy as Brooks holding a kid.

...and that I'll look as sexy as Mr. Plicka with two kids.

Dolphinsbarn said...

Why can't the Plickas and Dames come visit us? Colorado is the new DC.

Sarah S said...

Ahhh the joy of a pack and play - I am always jealous of kids who actually sleep WELL in those things. I'm glad Eli's not the only one who doesn't sleep as well on vacation :) But I'm also glad you got to see so many fun people and have a nice Thanksgiving! It all sounds wonderful.

Julie Broadbent said...

Yes Pack-n-Play, and play and play.
May I direct you own past experience with out Check on the video at the very end.

Kelly D. said...

Anderson looks like such a big boy! Did he like the "people" food?

Add me to the list of people that can't get their kids to sleep in Pack 'N Plays (and that's three of them for me!)

And can I just say that your manicure looks incredible? I LOVE that color.

Emily said...

It was fantastic to see you! Anderson is adorable, I loved seeing him and Joey together--that was probably my highlight of the trip. ;-) The photos are great. xo

Joe said...

Best. Thanksgiviving visit. Ever.

Is Anders still going to town on M&Ms?

Sally said...

Great pictures. Can we come with the Plickas next year? Anderson is adorable. And your manicure really does look great.

Lauren said...

You are ungrateful if you do not blog about thanksgiving with the Plickas. Where were the Stices during such a festive thanksgiving?

Linda said...

Emily sent me this link. It was fun to see the pictures of my grandchildren with you and Anderson. How could anyone not love the Plickas? I can hardly wait to see them in Calif. for Xmas. I will smother all of them with hugs and kisses.
Thanks for this post. I'll drop in to read your blog now & then.

Emily said...

Your new blog design is FABULOUS!

Mom said...

Love your new blog design. Anders looks so cute and grown up, I'm counting the days until he gets to sleep in Grammy's crib.

P.S. I'm glad I didn't spend a fortune on the pack and play for the cabin............sounds like he may not be using it.

Tyler & Cassidy said...

That sounds awesome. Also, I'm jealous, I was pulling for Maximus, among other names that got vetoed, but Dax fits our boy pretty well. I hate to copy, but if we have anoth boy, maybe maximus as a middle name.