Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tagged with a Twist

Amanda tagged me. I've never been tagged. I'll play and follow the rules, but I'm adding a twist. Wouldn't it be great if tagging involved describing the person who tagged you, not just yourself? I've always thought so.

And so it begins.

Six reasons I love Amanda Bateman:

#1. She's married to one of the funniest people I know.

#2. She has beautiful eyes and perfect skin.

#3. She is incredibly patient and supportive. (Would you let this guy take you and your baby to India for months for a company he started?)

#4. She bears trials with grace.

#5. She has great business ideas. Enter

#6. She has a delightful laugh, and she's very easy to talk to.

(Okay, that was more than six. I married reasons in some cases to get them all in. She's that great.)

Harley would like to add: She puts up with Dave's crap. Very true.

Now on to the traditional part of the tag.

Here are the rules to the Quirks Tag
Link the Person who Tagged you. (done)
Mention rules on your blog. (doing)
Tell about 6 quirks of yours. (will do)
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know. (okay)

#1. I twirl my straw while drinking milkshakes. My high school best friend Sara always told me someday someone will fall in love with me and LOVE the way I drink a milkshake.

Harley would like to add: He does not love the way I drink a milkshake.

#2. I'm big on To Do lists. I use my palm pilot, computer and fresh pieces of legal paper to make lists every day. I have a whole system involving categories, highlighting and crossing items off with a big black Sharpie. I am happiest when being productive.

#3. I love to play the game "Guess Who I Saw?" I especially love playing this game with my family. In my family that question is not rhetorical. It is an invitation to guess. And we do. We start by narrowing it down with questions such as: "Utah Part I (as in the first time we lived in Utah, not the second)?, Iowa?, City of Joseph Cast Member?" Then we guess and guess and guess until we get it. We love this game. My dad thinks he's funny by always having the same first guess: "George Bush?" We still let him play.

#4. I have ingrown toenails. Again. I had them for years and didn't know it. Then one day a friend (Mindy?) and I were discussing our feet and I said, "You mean the outsides of your big toes don't just always hurt?" Dr. Anderson (great name) fixed them. Now I have them on the insides of my big toes. I'm kind of obsessed with pushing on them until they are really tender.

Harley would like to add: That is gross.
Alright, enough from Harley. This blog has one author.

#5. I hate being called Wend. Lengthen my name all you want. I've gone by Wendy Wa Woo, Miss Wendy, Princess Wendolyn, Wendy Wanda Weiler, Wenchie, Wendall, Sidetrack Wendy, Wendiline, and Wendy Weiler from Wenatchee Wisconsin. These are all fine. Please, just don't shorten it. (Points to anyone who can name sources behind these nicknames. If you get all nine, you get one million points.)

#6. I love using up things. I get great satisfaction from squeezing out the last drops of shampoo, cracking open the final egg, or sticking on my last stamp. The more I think about it, it's not so much the using up I enjoy as what immediately follows: toss the container and open a fresh, new supply. Love it.

Bonus Quirk (because let's be honest, #5 was more like a pet peeve and if you know me, you know my biggest quirk is I cannot keep it short and simple...): I have the mad skills of a VCR when it comes to conversations. We can go off on a tangent (which I enjoy doing, see "Sidetrack Wendy" above), get lost in a completely different topic, then "pause, rewind, play" and I'll get us back to the exact point we left off pre-tangent. Nothing is missed. If we are really tight and have a lot to catch up on, I make lists of things we need to talk about to make sure we get it all covered. Sort of like this. I am kind of an intense friend. But that is another post entirely.

Maybe I'm not quirky so much as I'm OCD...

Okay, time to tag. Oh, so this is why you don't throw props to the person who tagged you. You have to tag people in the end and that gets awkward. Alright, I'm sticking to family and telling them to do JUST the rules part.

Cheryl, Allison, Katie, Rebecca, Codi, Lisa B.
(Jill & Julie, you are out of town and off the hook) -- you are tagged! Share your quirks, girls!


Lisa said...

i love it when you twirl your straw with your milkshakes. i have noticed that you do that and i like it :)

Amanda said...


I am gonna cry! you are tooo kind! I am not worthy! but you are sweet and i appreciate it =). And I LOVE you too!!

I enjoyed your quirks too...I think I will call you Wendiline now =).

p.s. Harley is right. I do put up with Dave's crap...figuratively, and literally.