Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Peas in a Pod

Halloween 2008. Anderson is a peapod!

Kind of like Harley and I were peapods back in 2006. Except not for Halloween... for St. Patrick's Day. (If you know Mindy & Jeff Lind, you understand. You dress up for their 3/17 parties.)

Anderson likes being a peapod, but he does not like EATING peas.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

DC Tours Now Available: Flat Stanley Style

Once in awhile I want to be an elementary school teacher. Or maybe I just want to be in second grade again. Maybe I'm just excited for Anderson to be in second grade. In second grade you get to do a geography unit. And if your teacher is as cool as Mrs. Paige Smith at Fairway Elementary School, the unit involves Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley visited us last week, courtesy of my 8-year-old cousin, Jason. We were tasked with showing Flat Stanley around town, taking him on an adventure or two, then returning him to Jason with pictures of his journey. Good thing we live in such a cool place! Jason, here is a preview of what Flat Stanley has been up to:

I now have more pictures of Flat Stanley than I have of Jason. Maybe that's because Jason lives in Missouri and is always sending me paper instead of himself. Jason, I think it's YOUR turn for a trip to DC.

Here is Jason with his sisters and his cousin at a family reunion two years ago. Notice the dirty sock Jason is holding over his cousin Heidi's shoulder. Notice how she doesn't seem to care. Just like Emily doesn't seem to care Jason is sitting on her legs.

Here is Jason at Tom's Homecoming last July. He's the one holding a rice krispie treat, waiting for Tom to give him an old mission tie.

Here's Jason telling Tom to sign it "with love"... still clutching that rice krispie treat.

If you are not family or an elementary school teacher you may not have appreciated this post. Here's the take away message to one and all: We Kings... we like to host and entertain. You come to the nation's capital via plane, car or bubbled envelope, and you too will get an up close and personal tour of DC, Flat Stanley style. It may or may not come with Flat Stanley's favorite part of the tour: an encounter with Metro Police. Participation in that part is entirely up to you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just When You Thought I Couldn't Be Concise...

I did a tag earlier this month. I know this. But I've been tagged again, and while I'm sure readers are over learning random things about me I will play along for two reasons.

#1. This tag involves Blog Bling. Check it out!

#2. It came from Logical Libby. One time she wrote an entire post simply because I asked her to. Plus, she's great. I could easily name reasons I love her, but I will refrain. My bright idea for a twist on tagging backfired when four of my family members didn't follow the rules and wrote about me AND their quirks. Awkward, since I'd tagged them. Yeah, so that's over. But I will say this about Libby: her blog is one of my all time favorites. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only take five blogs with me, hers would make the cut. Not only is she an great writer (something I really admire in a blogger), but she is freaking hilarious. Check her out. I dare you. Plus she's always making shameless plugs for more readers. Maybe this will boost her numbers by one. (P.S. Libby, where's my cookie?)

The rules with this tag: Answer the following questions using just one word (harder than it sounds, but I will do it) and tag seven people. With the blog bling. Makes it all worth it.

Where is your cell phone? Desk
Where is your significant other? School
Your hair color? Blonde
Your mother? Supportive
Your father? Smart
Your favorite thing? Storage
Your dream last night? Kittens
Your dream/goal? Supermom
The room you’re in? Chilly
Your hobby? Blogging
Your fear? Loneliness
Where do you want to be in 6 years? West
Where were you last night? Phone
What you’re not? Teasable ;)
One of your wish-list items? Luggage
Where you grew up? Iowa
The last thing you did? Diaper
What are you wearing? Slippers
Your TV? Ghetto
Your pet? NEVER
Your computer? Cluttered
Your mood? Concerned
Missing someone? Lisa
Your car? Towed
Something you’re not wearing? Makeup
Favorite store? Anthropology
Your summer? Great
Love someone? Many
Your favorite color? Changes
When is the last time you laughed? Yesterday
Last time you cried? Tuesday


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crawling? Seriously?!!

Anderson turned six months old yesterday. I can hardly believe it. He is 19 pounds (95 percentile) and 28 inches ("off the charts"). Guess Harley's wish is coming true.

Anderson loves pacifiers, smiling at us, Baby Einstein, running errands (I know, amazing. How can I please make this last forever?), and getting tossed around on our bed. He doesn't like long naps (though we are seeing major improvement), or sitting in his car seat unless it's moving. He also doesn't like to keep his food down.

He has a basket full of fun toys, but these three are his favorites:

Especially this one:

We love him so much. He brings us more joy than we ever imagined. He surprises us every day. Yesterday, he surprised us with this:


Encore for the grandparents:


And I thought solid foods would be the big six month milestone:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Say it's Your Birthday?

Six Reasons I'm Glad Cheryl Was Born:

She keeps the family in shape.

She knows how to live it up in Mexico.
(She once graced the cover of a Mexican newspaper. I'll let her tell you why...)

"I don't know nothin' about nothin' but the word on the street is..."
and all her other hilarious sayings.

She is incredibly supportive. Little Lisa Fan Club t-shirts=100% Cheryl.

She is buff, oh so buff.

She knows how to have fun, let loose and enjoy the ride... even when she's riding alone.

I love you Cheryl! Happy 26th.

Why are YOU glad Cheryl was born?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tagged with a Twist

Amanda tagged me. I've never been tagged. I'll play and follow the rules, but I'm adding a twist. Wouldn't it be great if tagging involved describing the person who tagged you, not just yourself? I've always thought so.

And so it begins.

Six reasons I love Amanda Bateman:

#1. She's married to one of the funniest people I know.

#2. She has beautiful eyes and perfect skin.

#3. She is incredibly patient and supportive. (Would you let this guy take you and your baby to India for months for a company he started?)

#4. She bears trials with grace.

#5. She has great business ideas. Enter

#6. She has a delightful laugh, and she's very easy to talk to.

(Okay, that was more than six. I married reasons in some cases to get them all in. She's that great.)

Harley would like to add: She puts up with Dave's crap. Very true.

Now on to the traditional part of the tag.

Here are the rules to the Quirks Tag
Link the Person who Tagged you. (done)
Mention rules on your blog. (doing)
Tell about 6 quirks of yours. (will do)
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know. (okay)

#1. I twirl my straw while drinking milkshakes. My high school best friend Sara always told me someday someone will fall in love with me and LOVE the way I drink a milkshake.

Harley would like to add: He does not love the way I drink a milkshake.

#2. I'm big on To Do lists. I use my palm pilot, computer and fresh pieces of legal paper to make lists every day. I have a whole system involving categories, highlighting and crossing items off with a big black Sharpie. I am happiest when being productive.

#3. I love to play the game "Guess Who I Saw?" I especially love playing this game with my family. In my family that question is not rhetorical. It is an invitation to guess. And we do. We start by narrowing it down with questions such as: "Utah Part I (as in the first time we lived in Utah, not the second)?, Iowa?, City of Joseph Cast Member?" Then we guess and guess and guess until we get it. We love this game. My dad thinks he's funny by always having the same first guess: "George Bush?" We still let him play.

#4. I have ingrown toenails. Again. I had them for years and didn't know it. Then one day a friend (Mindy?) and I were discussing our feet and I said, "You mean the outsides of your big toes don't just always hurt?" Dr. Anderson (great name) fixed them. Now I have them on the insides of my big toes. I'm kind of obsessed with pushing on them until they are really tender.

Harley would like to add: That is gross.
Alright, enough from Harley. This blog has one author.

#5. I hate being called Wend. Lengthen my name all you want. I've gone by Wendy Wa Woo, Miss Wendy, Princess Wendolyn, Wendy Wanda Weiler, Wenchie, Wendall, Sidetrack Wendy, Wendiline, and Wendy Weiler from Wenatchee Wisconsin. These are all fine. Please, just don't shorten it. (Points to anyone who can name sources behind these nicknames. If you get all nine, you get one million points.)

#6. I love using up things. I get great satisfaction from squeezing out the last drops of shampoo, cracking open the final egg, or sticking on my last stamp. The more I think about it, it's not so much the using up I enjoy as what immediately follows: toss the container and open a fresh, new supply. Love it.

Bonus Quirk (because let's be honest, #5 was more like a pet peeve and if you know me, you know my biggest quirk is I cannot keep it short and simple...): I have the mad skills of a VCR when it comes to conversations. We can go off on a tangent (which I enjoy doing, see "Sidetrack Wendy" above), get lost in a completely different topic, then "pause, rewind, play" and I'll get us back to the exact point we left off pre-tangent. Nothing is missed. If we are really tight and have a lot to catch up on, I make lists of things we need to talk about to make sure we get it all covered. Sort of like this. I am kind of an intense friend. But that is another post entirely.

Maybe I'm not quirky so much as I'm OCD...

Okay, time to tag. Oh, so this is why you don't throw props to the person who tagged you. You have to tag people in the end and that gets awkward. Alright, I'm sticking to family and telling them to do JUST the rules part.

Cheryl, Allison, Katie, Rebecca, Codi, Lisa B.
(Jill & Julie, you are out of town and off the hook) -- you are tagged! Share your quirks, girls!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What's in a Name?

Many people ask me where I came up with the name Anderson. Many people also try to clarify "first name" when I answer "Anderson." I explain, "No, the first name IS Anderson. Last name, King." Then I remind myself I will be dealing with this for the rest of his life. So will he. I know Anderson is a last name, but now it's a first name. And I LOVE the name.

It came to me in a dream. I was about 20 weeks pregnant, and Harley and I could not agree on names. In my dream I had a boy, we named him Anderson, and I loved the name. I knew I was dreaming, and I kept telling myself, "Remember this name when you wake up." I woke up and couldn't remember the name. I sat in bed for few minutes and then it hit me: Anderson! Immediately, I thought of this guy.

(Yep, he's so dead sexy, he gets TWO pictures on my blog.)

Anderson Cooper was the only Anderson I knew. I thought about it. I like the journalist and all his 360 ways, but I didn't necessarily want to name my child after him. It would be a little shout out to my (former) profession, which could be cool, but I wasn't convinced. I decided to see what Harley thought.

Harley liked it, but he didn't love it. Next was my Mom. She loved it. After that most people I talked to liked it. At least that's what they told me. And everyone had the same initial reaction: "Like Anderson Cooper?" The name continued to grow on me until I loved it, and Harley grew to like it enough to commit to it. First name Anderson. Middle name James (after Harley's dad). Anderson James King. After all, it is a strong name.

We had a few hesitations, mainly fear people would shorten Anderson to Andy or A.J. I also wished the name had a family connection. I love it when a maiden name can become a first name. Weiler doesn't really work that way. In the end, we loved the name enough to keep it, even though there was no Anderson on either family line...


A few weeks ago my Grandpa (who wasn't such a fan of the name Anderson... but really, can he talk? His name is Queed!) sent me a letter, a family history and a family tree showing there is an ANDERSEN in our ancestry! Yes, the spelling is off by one letter, but it sounds the same, right? It gets better. There is also an ANDERS in the family, and Anders is one of Anderson's nicknames. (Another is Anderson Pooper... after the anchor and well, you know.)

If you go back six generations you find Karen Andersen. Her father (seven generations) was Anders Andersen. He married Inger Andersen. (I know. It's getting a little complicated, so we'll stop here, but I wanted to point out an Andersen marrying an Andersen. Common name right? Common to marry someone with your same name back in those days... right? I hope so. It was an arranged marriage. Hmmmm, I hope they were distantly related. Otherwise, this could explain so much... ) Inger and Anders had four children, including one son whom they named Anders Andersen (junior, I guess). He died of scarlet fever when he was four years old. So we have TWO Anders Andersens in the family! Now back to their daughter Karen Andersen. If you follow her line long enough you reach OUR Anderson!

Confused yet? Still reading if you're not related to me? For posterity sake here is the breakdown:

Anders Andersen
Karen Andersen Holmgren
Nancy Hansen Holmgren
Octavo Holmgren Weiler
Queed Holmgren Weiler
Michael Reid Weiler
Wendy Weiler King
Anderson James King

Any resemblance?



So there you have it. Anderson is named after his great-great-great-great-great Grandpa. We can say Anderson IS a family name (even though we spell it differently... and we didn't know this when we named him). This also means Great-Grandpa Queed can finally come to terms with and use Anderson's name. In his letter he wrote "So I've decided that Anders is a very suitable nickname for my first great grandson. I repent!" Thanks Grandpa!


P.S. I thought we were being so original with Anderson's name. Then I talked to Amber Diva who was pregnant with me, and she said they were going to name their baby Andersen. It's a family name for her, AND she knew about it ahead of time. Amber ended up having a darling little girl, but we still get a good laugh out of that one. Hey Amber... maybe WE'RE related! Do your Andersens hail from Denmark? The connections continue. Amber's maiden name is King! Oh and she married a Snow, which is now my sister's married name. Amber may name a future baby Andersen, which I think is great -- clearly we are meant to share names!