Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now THAT'S what I call customer service

After two (and counting) terrible days of being on hold, dealing with incompetent people, paying through the nose for things you hate to buy in the first place, and schlepping with babe in arms to brick and mortar offices to fight battles in person only to be told I have to FILE FOR AN INVESTIGATION over a $414.64 electric bill (which, by the way, Pepco admits is due to employee error!!!!!), my faith in customer service has been restored (for the moment) by these guys:

I know most of us already know of the greatness that is Netflix. (Those of you still frequenting the neighborhood Blockbuster -- you know who you are -- you're SERIOUSLY missing out.) But have you ever CALLED this blessed company? I did tonight. And my experience blew me away.

Problem: Last week SOMEONE (for the sake of the story we'll call that someone, HARLEY) mistakenly put a personal DVD (Baby Einstein: Baby Monet - Discovering the Seasons) into the Netflix slip and mailed it off to Netflix land. We were left with Netflix's DVD Planet Earth Disc 3 (HIGHLY recommend). I hopped online and easily found the solution for "You Returned a Personal DVD." We're supposed to wait it out, hope the hub recognizes a foreign DVD and it will be returned.

We waited.

Today my mailbox presented me with a new Netflix envelope. But inside wasn't Baby Monet. Instead, Planet Earth Disc 4 (the next DVD in our queue). Elch. Add this to my list of "things to deal with." But no dealing necessary. Just the following FABULOUSNESS:

*Customer service lines are open AFTER 9pm. (I have no day-time minutes to spare this month.)
*The Netflix website gives you an approximate on hold wait time. (Genius!)
*My real wait time was a pleasant HALF what the website estimated. A whopping 30 seconds. TOTAL.
*I went straight to a human who spoke clearly with no accent OR attitude.

I explained my problem. The guy was great about it. He said unfortunately since they carry the Baby Monet DVD it is impossible to retrieve ours and return it to us. (Notice we're not getting our DVD back, and I'm still a VERY satisfied customer.) I was bummed but knew it was OUR mistake. I started to say thanks and goodbye when he stopped me with this:

"I'll tell you what I can do for you." (Whaaaat? I hadn't even asked the magic "Is that the best you can do?" and he's about to offer his best? Amazing!) "I will credit your account for the cost of the DVD. You won't be charged from us until November."

This was my face:

Okay, not my face but definitely my reaction! Two whole months of service for FREE! Disclaimer: I think we're on the lowest Netflix plan possible. We only get 2 DVDs a month, 1 at a time. (And we're barely able to keep up.) So it's not that much money, but again, this was OUR (read HARLEY'S) mistake. Netflix owes us nothing. Yet they delivered above and beyond.

There's another great part. At the end, the guy didn't try to hit me up for more coverage, extra channels, renters insurance, spare dollars to save the whales, or "payment protection for as little as $19.99 a month"..... er, I mean, he didn't try to talk me into upgrading our plan. He just said "bye." It was like talking to a friend. A good friend. One I will keep.


Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Wow! That is awesomeness! Last time I had a great experience with customer services I asked to speak to the representative's manager and then I bragged on him. Maybe you should do that. I also love the pic of Anders. Can he come visit me?

Jill said...

Awesome! I love Netflix!

Sarah S said...

Hooray for positive customer service! And Anderson is absolutely radiant. Love that picture.

Kelly Durham said...

We're loving our new Netflix account! It's good to know there's great customer service, too.

Anderson gets cuter by the second!

Kaija said...

I have had that exact same experience with Netflix. Wonderful! Anderson is super cute.

Harley King said...

What do you think Netflix would give us if we sent Anders back in an envelope?

I hope he'd be worth at least 4 mo. of free subscription.

becky said...

Chris: "Did you read Wendy's blog?"
Me: "Not today, but I read the other day."
Chris: "There is the cutest picture of Anderson. He's like a smiling Buddha."


Dolphinsbarn said...

So... you hate people with accents? Why Wendy? We're all brothers and sisters.

gr8mother said...

I want a copy of the picture of Anders ASAP


gr8mother said...

How do I get the gr8mother tag off my comment?

Regular Mother