Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moving Musings

Don't bother getting a manicure two weeks before you move.

Ask for help. Ask early. Ask many people. Don't and you end up looking like this guy.

Never underestimate the amount of ish you really have. Especially after you have a baby.

Never ever EVER buy any of the following ever again: (If anyone needs any of these items see me, I have PLENTY.)
*saran wrap (No joke, we have FOUR rolls. Three opened. How does that happen when you pride yourself on being organized?)
*clothes pins (Why would you ever need ONE of these in today's dryer days? Don't know. But I have nearly 100 just in case.)
*Shout stain remover
*pancake mix
*soap (Who have we become? The Linds?)
*Tealight candles (I associate this lifetime supply with the Linds as well. That trip to the San Diego's Ikea turned our "good enough" supply into a "WHAT WAS I THINKING! WHEN WILL I EVER USE THIS MANY?" stash.)
*birthday candles (Anybody turning 107? We've got your wish power covered. As for lighting them? We have a plethora of matches too.)
*black cardigans (Many of these bad boys have gone the way of the Dodo bird... and the baggy, midriff-bearing red sweater.)

We survived the move. We unfortunately spent twice as much as we should have, but we fortunately avoided paying an extra $50/HOUR by having our truck back two hours earlier than planned. (Who does U-Haul think they are anyway?) We have more bruises than we care to count, but what hurt more was going without internet for 12 days. Not to mention TV. Who is Sarah Palin? Completely missed the RNC. Our apartment is nice. Our neighborhood is sketchy. The kitchen is the only room 100% organized right now. I miss my closet.

A shout out to the following people who came to our need in more ways than one.

Eric & Krysta Crane were totally there for us with both muscles and a much needed meal... Cafe Rio no less!

(This is an old picture. It was taken at our last move.
They showed up to help with that one too!)

My favorite friends in the entire world are those with whom I can sit in one spot for two days straight and just talk and talk and talk. Add pizza, popcorn and nail polish and you have my BFF Sara. Thank goodness she came to visit during that first week when we were buried in stress and boxes!

(Also an old picture. We didn't snap any photos while Sara was here.
All we did was talk. Seriously.)

An honorable mention goes to this guy. He kept us smiling. He doesn't care where he lives as long as there is an exersaucer.


Kaija said...

welcome to your new home. anderson looks super happy! and thanks for the tips. the two week countdown to our move is on!

Sarah S said...

Oh WENDY!! I am glad you all survived your move. Good luck with the unpacking, organizing, etc. I realized I am a cleaning supplies hoarder after this last move - we have every cleaning spray possible, if you ever need to borrow some :) And I hear ya on spending twice as much as you had planned. We had the same thing happen. Moving is the pits. Yeah for a smiling little guy though!! He is so darling.

Sarah S said...

And seriously, 12 DAYS WITHOUT THE INTERNET?? I would have gone out of my mind.

Ming said...

What is it about the kitchen that makes it always get organized first? I always start there too..but why? Oh right, our need to eat in order to stay alive....right right right.

Oh, and thanks for the shout out. I too have an endless supply of tea lights, but my soap supply unfortunately did run out! It was a sad day in March when I had to buy soap at Costco. At least I made it 5 1/2 years!

becky said...

You are adorable -- how many times have I said that now?!

You should have CALLED us -- Chris is an expert mover. For the first four Christmases of our marriage when we visited my parents, he had to help people move. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

The other day he came home from moving and was drenched. I asked if he got caught in the rain and he shook his head. IT WAS SWEAT!

Glad you survived. Can't wait to reunite! :)

Kelly Durham said...

That picture of Harley says it all!

The Tieman Family said...

Let me guess. Harley was sweatin it up, did 90% of the work and 10% of the stuff is actually his. I feel ya Harley. But then again, it was his fault you had to move.