Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Five Generations

Harley King, Great Grandma Jan Hellewell, Anderson King, Great-Great Grandma Faye Sutherland, Grandma Debby King

Harley's great grandmother died today. Faye Sutherland was a special lady. She was a great hostess with a beautiful garden. She was a dedicated temple worker who sometimes completed two sessions a day. Grandma Sutherland was 92 years old. Her funeral is Saturday. Unfortunately, we will not be there.

During my summer trip to Utah I felt strongly Harley and I should visit Grandma Sutherland. That visit never happened, but we were fortunate to have her attend Anderson's blessing. She was Anderson's great-great grandmother. As someone who is just beginning to create a posterity, I cannot fathom being around when Anderson has great grandchildren! I'm happy she and Anderson were able to meet. I'm happy I took these pictures to show him someday.

Here are some older pictures. The first is from Katie's endowment session in August 2007. The last two are Thanksgiving 2005. These Thanksgiving shots are some of my favorite King family pictures. I especially love the look on (Great Aunt) Bonnie Kay's face as she cracks everyone up.

Debby King, Bonnie Kay Oglesby, Jan Hellewell, Katie King
Nancy Hellewell, Wendy King, Faye Sutherland

Janna King, Katie King, Jan Hellewell, Faye Sutherland,
Debby King, Bonnie Kay Oglesby


Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

I'm sorry to hear about that. How cool though that you got those pics of them together. I had a dream last night about Nana. I think it was a sign that I need to do geneology work.

anna banana said...

I love the way your pictures look. I am thinking about a new point and shoot with this baby on the way. Remind me which one you bought, is it an SLR, or is it just a real nice point and shoot? Your five generation pic is beautiful, it is amazing when that happens. :)

Kelly Durham said...

I'm so sorry for you loss. She sounds like an amazing lady with a wonderful family.