Thursday, August 28, 2008

Movin' Out

I wish this entry was about the Tony award winning musical but it's not. Instead it's about the King family starting a new life chapter and therefore movin' out of our small apartment and into a smaller apartment. Here's a look at the unimpressive progress we've made so far.

I need a break from that pile of cardboard, so blog time it is. Moving is an odious process every 20-something and their spouse does multiple times the first decade of marriage. No matter how you organize, no matter how you plan, no matter how sweet your closure, it just sucks. You have the casualties (moment of silence for the clock my dad cracked and the vase the Elder dropped), the manual labor, the goodbyes, the stressful new home hunt, the SCHLEP that is Move Day in 100 degree heat plus humidity (shout out to Katie who helped move our crap into our current apartment just two years ago), the EXPENSE, the battle with utility companies (have I mentioned lately how much I HATE Comcast?!) and the WORST: "camping" for WEEKS until you're unpacked, organized, wireless and know where your razor blades are.

I'm trying to not focus on those things. Determined to look on the bright side, I give you the Top 5 PERKS of moving:

#1. Ditch the junk mail. I received a $20 gift certificate for Natural America Spirit cigarettes the other day. How in the world did I get on that mailing list? Peace out cigs. I'm moving and you don't know where.

#2. Clean sweep your stuff. I am my mother's daughter, and I LOVE a good purging of personal items. Goodbye baggy, midriff-bearing red sweater from my senior year in high school. Take your Doc Marten's, expired box of Mac & Cheese and Victoria's Secret body splashes and have a party in my trash can.

#3. An excuse to eat fast food. Empty fridge, empty cupboards and nowhere-to-be-found pots and pans, really leave you with no other option. (Plus, hello... all that Mac & Cheese is gone.)

#4. The chance that maybe... just maybe... our cell phones will have decent reception in our new apartment.

#5. Fresh start. New home, new ward, new friends, new opportunity to set goals and KEEP them.

**Bonus Perk: Giving your move a music theme and listening exclusively to that genre while packing. This move's theme: Broadway. (Maybe that's why "Movin' Out" is on the mind...)

Wow, I impress even myself with my optimism. Now, if you'll indulge me for just a moment, I would like to pay tribute to the ONE THING I will miss MOST about our current apartment.

I LOVE my closet. It's big, clean, has built-in shelves and is ORGANIZED. Clothes and shoes are carefully categorized by season, material and color.

Everything has a place. If this wasn't a PG-rated blog I'd show the way I hang my bras from hooks on the wall. Instead we'll feature handbags (admittedly a little overcrowded in this particular area) and storage boxes.

Most importantly, this closet is 100% mine. Harley uses the closet in the second bedroom which used to be the office before it became the nursery. Having separate closets was probably the best thing that ever happened to our marriage. Now it's time to say goodbye. In our new apartment I will have to shove my clothes together and SHARE SPACE with my husband. At least it's a walk-in. Still, marriage counselors stand by.

Okay, enough blogstraction. (Blogstraction=distracted by blogging. New word?) Back to packing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holy Houdini!

I LOVE Anderson's Swaddle Me. It's one of my top three best baby products. However, since we've returned from Utah, Mr. Muscly and Strong doesn't love it so much. After a serious battle, we achieve lock-down and begin the night like this:

About 2 minutes later we're here:

And 30 seconds later we're here:

Translation: NO ONE is sleeping very well! The biggest problem is once Anderson's hands are free, he pops out his pacifier which he needs to soothe to sleep. I love that my baby is growing, but I hate that my little escape artist has found ways out of his "straight jacket."

Last week, I believe I discovered a solution:

Yup, it's back to baby gowns with hand covers for us. His limbs have freedom, but his fingers don't have access to his mouth. Added benefit: his fast-growing nails can't mutilate his face. (What IS it with those nails?! Is he secretly popping pre-natal vitamins too? I can't keep up. Dang Gina, somebody get this baby a mani!)

To think just a few months ago he was our little burrito baby who didn't budge, even in a blanket without velcro.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Don't bother trying to find me today

My body has been through A LOT since this. Nine months (arguably ten) of pregnancy, 22 hours of labor (with the epidural only taking on one side), recovery from delivering a 9 lb 8 oz baby, nursing, and finally unexpected surgery in June. You could say my body's seen better years! But today my body will take a break. Relax. Fully indulge its weak, tired self in:


perhaps to be topped off with:

Dear Harley,

Thank you for the BEST, most thoughtful Mother's Day gift ever! Please hold my calls (and my baby) for the next few hours while I cash in and enter Mommy Heaven.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Impulse Entry

I resigned from my job three weeks ago. I didn’t miss my job ONE BIT until the day I left it. I didn’t feel emotional AT ALL on my last day of work, but cried after saying the words “I won’t be coming back.” I’ve been thinking a lot about why I resigned, when I did it and how I did it. A girlfriend who had a baby just a few weeks after I did will give her notice today. She asked me for advice on breaking the news to her employer. Spelling out some of my thoughts for her helped me come closer to reaching the closure I’ve been looking for. Maybe this entry will, at last, put my feelings to bed. This may not make sense. This may offend. This may be the entry that prompts me to go private. But these are the thoughts keeping me up tonight, and what is a blog if not a venue to share our lives and thoughts?

Here is part of the email I sent my friend tonight.

(Please forgive misspellings or grammatical errors. If you email with me on a regular basis you know I’m all about stream of consciousness writing in email, not so much proofing;))


GIRLFRIEND. You can do this. I know it's hard. So hard. We can totally analyze over lunch Thursday but in the meantime consider the following and it may make things easier (if possible) to resign. (By the way... avoid using the word "quit"... resign settles so much more w/ the soul right now). These things (in no particular order) helped me do the deed.

#1. They will survive. They have clearly survived w/out you this long, so they will continue to survive. Resigning post maternity leave is, obviously, unlike quitting suddenly when they're used to having you there every day. I was worried about the same thing as Fox is SO short-staffed right now too. But they came up w/ a plan to cover me while I was gone and from what I understand, they're just continuing to do so until they replace me. The show will go on. The company will too.

#2. They may suspect you're not coming back which will make the blow easier. My boss didn't act all that shocked and even said he wondered if that's what it would come to. People DO decide to stay home w/ their babies these days. It IS a growing trend... right? :)

#3. Speaking of right... it is your RIGHT to stay home with your baby! It is your RIGHT to use your entire mat. leave to make this decision. It is your RIGHT to accept paychecks/insurance/what-have-you during that time and STILL wait until the last min. to decide what is RIGHT for you. You never know what could happen during mat. leave that could force you back to work (hey, you could get cancer!) What am I doing stressing this point to you? Hello, you are HR. You know these things!

#4. This one may not apply to you but it helped me: I'm totally replaceable. No one likes to believe that and while I know I did good things as a producer at Fox, it's not like I WAS Fox. My boss said he was "professionally devastated" (for the record, he then quickly added "but personally so happy for you") which was nice of him to say, but let's be honest... he will hire someone else and, again, the show will go on and I will be forgotten. Somehow everything will still make air. It may even make air CLEANER or BETTER than it did with me! They will (gulp) live without me b/c something tells me I don't mean quite as much to them as I'd like to think I do. Now, you may truly be an irreplaceable Wonder Woman at your job, so maybe they will die w/out you... but I feel it helps to self-deprecate a little in times like these.:)

#5. The last two times I've left jobs I've been really surprised at how "well" my bosses handled the news. I pictured in my head awful, guilt-ridden pow wows where I leave them shocked and disappointed. Then maybe they make me an offer I couldn't refuse if I'd consider staying, going part-time or working SOMETHING out. Instead they've been supportive, complimentary, then content to bid adieu. Ego: slightly bruised. Bridge: unburned. Difficulty of task: less than expected.

#6. It will be one hard day. One uncomfortable confrontation w/ the boss that ends in bad news and maybe some awkwardness. But then... the rest of your mommy life w/ one job: MADELEINE! You go in there, you bite the bullet and then it's OVER. You never have to see these people ever again. Who cares if they hate you (which they won't).... they are out of your life forever!

#7. Consider the alternative: not resigning. Going back to work. Leaving Maddie. Now think of every thing you DIDN'T like about your job (commute, late hours, piles of paperwork, whiney employees, etc) and say to yourself "no more, never again!" (Note: there are things we love about our careers... now is not the time to think of them.)

Okay... that's my pep talk in an email. Maybe that will help you (even a little) get through tomorrow. As for your personal emotions behind actually resigning, stopping your career, closing that chapter of your life, going from paycheck to poverty... benefits to blow-outs... suits to spit up... career to serious cabin fever... (i could go on and on... and on but I'll stop), well, that's a whole 'nother email! Or better yet, a lunch date on Thursday!;)


The day I resigned a dear friend said to me: “I think walking away is one of the bravest things we do in life.” I’ve thought about her words many times over the last few weeks because I think she’s right… even if I don’t feel brave every day.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

I made a wish on a wish tree...

Took a test...

And my wish came true!

365 days later...

This weekend the world celebrated 08.08.08.
We celebrated our world forever changed on 08.10.07.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pick a Pic

Four cities...

Four girlfriends...

Together again in one place for two (too short) days!

(Captain Jack and The King reunited as well.)

Amid this...



and this...
we made time for a King family photo shoot with the great artist Anna Rasmussen of Anna Rasmussen Photography. Thanks Anna, it was so fun! Now comes the tough part... deciding which photos we want! You can see Anna's work on our little family here and here.