Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Too Busy to Blog

My "relax and recoop time" in Utah has been jam packed with friends, family and fun! Here's a snippet (okay, maybe not so much snippet as smorgasbord, but someone's got to keep Harley in the loop!) of what we've been up to...

A fabulous "Eat & Adore" party in Anderson's honor

Lots of lunches and playdates with Divas. Oh how I LOVE my Divas!

Brighton 4th of July breakfast and parade with the Barnes Family

Fireworks with the Weiler Family
(Anderson sat in Michelle's lap and stared straight at the sky during the whole show!)

And today, it was Anderson's first time in the pool!

And in our spare time, Anderson works on his standing and walking skills

Most importantly we're spending quality time with family! Stay tuned for pictures of Anderson and his favorite Utah people.:) We miss Harley but we LOVE being home!


Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

I love, love, love all the pics!!! It brightens my day. Ten more days until I join all the fun!

becky said...

SO ADORABLE! With that irresistible face, he'll definitely get my vote for President (yes, I do in fact base my votes on appearance. Dear Brad Pitt -- Run for President!)

Looks like you're having a fun trip. And Wendy, you look AMAZING! I'm so impressed.

anna banana said...

It looks like you are having a fab time! I am so glad :)

lys said...

I love the last picture of you & Anderson. You look so beautiful!

The Knisley's said...

I love Anderson's little smile!! He's adorable, Wendy!