Thursday, May 15, 2008

Month One: Top 5 Top 3

Anderson is one month old today! It's amazing how the last four weeks have just melted away. It seems the cleansing of the gene pool is working. At his one month check-up, Anderson weighed in at a hefty 11 pounds, 4 ounces -- nearly two pounds heavier than his birth weight. He's grown two inches, putting him in the 90th percentile. We love our BIG BOY!

The last month has been filled with many emotions, mistakes and victories. In the name of lessons learned as a new mom, I present to you my Month One: Top 5 Top 3.

Top 3 SMARTEST Things I Did
1. Turn my phone on vibrate for the first three weeks, accepting calls exclusively from my sisters, Dad and Grandma
2. Laugh, a lot, thanks to my Mom and Harley
3. Sleep when my baby sleeps

Top 3 STUPIDEST Things I Did
1. Assume my newborn was big enough for "Stage 1" diapers, then proceed to use them... rather than just buying more "newborn" size diapers
2. Decide it was okay to go just one night without wearing nursing pads
3. Wait that extra 15 minutes before asking for an epidural (that only took on one side of my body, by the way...)

Top 3 BEST Baby Products

Ghetto Swing from the dump

Top 3 Books

Top 3 Things I LOVE About Not Being Pregnant
1. Reaching my toes for painting and my legs for shaving
2. Stretching from head to toe without suffering from a throbbing Charley Horse.
3. No more constant groin and bladder pressure. (TMI? Sorry, it's true. Hello... my baby was HUGE and riding low!)


Sarah S said...

nice list wendy diva!! I'm impressed w/ Anderson's stats - he is growing so well. CUTE boy and smart mom!!

Crystal said...

This was a fun list of lists! Glad you are keeping us in the loop with every detail.

Amber Snow said...

OMG, Wendy! I can't believe what a big boy you've got. Harley must be super proud :) Anderson weighs 3 lbs. more than Sydney did at 1 month - crazy! Keep up the blogging - I'm loving reading about Anderson and you two!

JessK said...

Congrats on surviving the first month!
PS. I LOVE the SwaddleMe and attribute Emma's awesome sleeping skills (thru the night by 2 months) to it.

janaemadsen said...

Danielle only slept in a swing her first few months. We burned out two swing motors from running them about 15 hours a day at least. I love your lists!

Brittany said...

I can't believe he's already a month old! Seriously time flies by! He's such a cute baby and I'm impressed with his 1 month stats! I just love reading all of your posts... they're so entertaining! Did Mindy have her baby yet?

Jen said...

Wendy, This is Jen Humbert from freshman year. Not sure if you remember me. :) I found your blog through Tami's. I just had to say that you pretty much summed up how I felt about those few weeks after my baby was born. And, I love it! My little guy turned a year last month. Life is still a little crazy, but wonderful. Enjoy your boys!!