Friday, May 23, 2008

Do I Have to Spell It Out?

No, I'll initial it out instead.

Problem: Anderson is a long name and we're running out of wall space in the nursery.

Solution: I get "crafty" and abbreviate.

Next Project: Putting some pictures in these empty frames.

That will have to wait until another day. Tonight we're off to the City of Brotherly Love. It's our first road trip and night away as a family of three... not to mention our first baby-packing experience.

Man these little people require a TON of stuff (and the stroller isn't even in this shot)! How will I pack for an entire month in Utah? Of course, the new luggage charges don't help!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"I'm About to Lose Control and I Think I Like It"

Do you ever have one of those nights where even though you are exhausted you can't sleep because you are SO EXCITED for upcoming events? Here are 15 things I'm really looking forward to (in no particular order)...

1. Memorial weekend trip to Philly to see John, Janae, Danielle, and The Liberty Bell
2. Cafe Rio lunch dates
3. waterskiing
4. trip to Charlottesville next month to see Aunt Cheryl

5. losing all my baby weight then spending my BR gift card on a fabulous new outfit
6. Mindy and Jack coming on Wednesday for one big week-long baby sleepover!
7. 4th of July at Brighton
8. sleeping eight hours
9. greeting Elder Weiler at the airport
10. possible BFF reunion in LA with Sara
11. hanging these letters in Anderson's nursery (Side note -- this is a BIG deal. First time I have done anything crafty in a long time. Perhaps ever.)

12. play day in DC with Nicole Diva
13. Anderson meeting Grandpa Mike, Grandpa and Grandma King, Aunts Ali, Lisa, Janna & Katie and Uncles Jim & Tom
14. girlfriends reunion in Utah with Anna, Mindy & Jessica
15. David Archuleta being crowned American Idol in a little less than 2 hours

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Month One: Top 5 Top 3

Anderson is one month old today! It's amazing how the last four weeks have just melted away. It seems the cleansing of the gene pool is working. At his one month check-up, Anderson weighed in at a hefty 11 pounds, 4 ounces -- nearly two pounds heavier than his birth weight. He's grown two inches, putting him in the 90th percentile. We love our BIG BOY!

The last month has been filled with many emotions, mistakes and victories. In the name of lessons learned as a new mom, I present to you my Month One: Top 5 Top 3.

Top 3 SMARTEST Things I Did
1. Turn my phone on vibrate for the first three weeks, accepting calls exclusively from my sisters, Dad and Grandma
2. Laugh, a lot, thanks to my Mom and Harley
3. Sleep when my baby sleeps

Top 3 STUPIDEST Things I Did
1. Assume my newborn was big enough for "Stage 1" diapers, then proceed to use them... rather than just buying more "newborn" size diapers
2. Decide it was okay to go just one night without wearing nursing pads
3. Wait that extra 15 minutes before asking for an epidural (that only took on one side of my body, by the way...)

Top 3 BEST Baby Products

Ghetto Swing from the dump

Top 3 Books

Top 3 Things I LOVE About Not Being Pregnant
1. Reaching my toes for painting and my legs for shaving
2. Stretching from head to toe without suffering from a throbbing Charley Horse.
3. No more constant groin and bladder pressure. (TMI? Sorry, it's true. Hello... my baby was HUGE and riding low!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hormones + Haircut + Hysterical Baby

Girlfriends advise don't make any big changes to your hair when you're pregnant, postpartum or otherwise hormonally unstable. Might I add, don't make any big changes to your husband's hair during those times either!

The worst part? I DID THIS! The reason I royally screwed up his haircut? I was distracted by this:

I don't like Harley's hair too short. He loves it too short. When I don't cut it (yes, I cut my husband's hair) short enough or soon enough, Harley takes the shears to his head himself. The result: one of us ends up with a crew cut, the other ends up in tears.

Last night, I agreed to cut Harley's hair a little shorter than I like and a little longer than he likes. Using a "No. 3" cutting guide with our Whal Professional Designer Clipper I went to work. For some reason Anderson decided to have the most fitful, dare I say fussy, hour of his life when I was about five minutes into the job. Suddenly the simple haircut became a one-hour ordeal with several interruptions. At one highly distracted, tragic point I lost track of which part of Harley's head I was on and more importantly FORGOT THE CLIPPER HAD NO CUTTING GUIDE ATTACHED and shaved one strip of his head!!!!

I was horrified! What do you do? You can't put the hair back. You can't hide this with a hat. You have no choice but to SHAVE THE REST OF HIS HEAD so at least it matches. I made my husband look like a skinhead... a cancer patient... oh yeah and he's speaking in sacrament meeting on Sunday! But guess how he feels about his new look?

Anderson and I can't look at him without cringing or crying (I'll let you guess which one cringes and which one cries...)

Painful reminder of the old handsome hairstyle:

SIDE NOTE: Dad feeding Baby a breastmilk bottle while getting his hair cut = not a good idea.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Church debut, well-behaved baby, special baptism,
steak dinner, soothing rain, beakered flowers,
thoughtful gift, grateful mom, blessed family.

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cases to Wipe For

Why settle for plain and boring...

When you can have sassy and striped!

I was thrilled when Nicole Diva sent me this wipes case.

Not only is it darling and totally Diva, it matches my diaper bag! (How DID she know?) And don't forget to throw in these almost too-fab-to-use burp rags from Mindy. Will I ever tire of chocolate and aqua? Not likely...

Then Emily sent me this wipes case.

Talk about MADE for each other! Could there be a more perfectly matched case for Anderson's nursery? Nope, don't think so!

Changing diapers just got MUCH better! Love these cases (and the thoughtful friends who sent them)! Just wish I was crafty and creative enough to make them. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Picture: Complete

We've made some additions to the nursery since I last blogged (read bragged) about it. Believe it or not, these came at the inspiration of people other than my mom.

I wanted to spell out ANDERSON in big painted wooden letters on the wall, but we ran out of wall space. These blocks make a great alternative. Thanks, Emily, for the idea!

A few things have been added to the hutch, including Harley's favorite: a bead roller coaster from Ikea.

My friend Kelley recommended I keep a calendar specifically for Anderson's milestones, and I thought it was a great idea! I have wonderful intentions of scrap booking and journaling, but more often than not they remain just that - wonderful intentions. This way every important event and special moment gets at least documented. I searched for a good baby calendar and never found one. Then Sally Diva sent me a fabulous "baby favorites" package, including this PERFECT baby calendar. Double bonus: I'm told these calendars also serve as an invaluable point of reference with baby #2. (Yes, I have now opened my mind to the idea of a second... something I swore off during my AWFUL labor.)

The last bit of wall space goes to a personalized "Watch Me Grow" chart from Sara. What a cute way to record my ginormous child (measuring in the 90th percentile) as he grows.

Most importantly, what was once missing from this picture...

is now in place! By the way, Anderson isn't just posing for a picture here. He's actually sleeping in his crib a whole room away (as opposed to in the bassinet by our bed) already! I didn't think it would happen so early, but at his 2-week appointment the pediatrician recommended I put him in his crib at night so I would sleep better. She insisted he's big enough to be alone, and he'd let us know when he was hungry. I chickened out the first night (he seemed to have a tummy ache... which made my heart ache...) but the next night (15 days old), he was in his "big boy crib." He slept great (longest stretch=5 1/2 hours) and so did I! Yea for big babies!

When he's awake in his crib he loves to stare at his stripes.

What's now "missing" from the big picture: Grandma! My mom left yesterday and we miss her already. Anderson expressed his Grandma withdrawal by having his first MAJOR throw up experience just after she boarded the plane. My mom and I had such a great, special time together. I love and appreciate her so much. Happy Mother's Day Mom (one week early)!!

Side Note: It's Sunday so we dressed Anderson in the Lord's attire. Go Cougars! (Thanks Jake and Crystal!)