Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not Birthing, Just Nesting

Once again, "the plan" has changed. It's tricky when an OCD organizer tries to schedule something as unpredictable as birth! After a lot of reading and counseling with doctors we decided to cancel the induction scheduled for tomorrow. We'll see if Mother Nature can't just spark this labor thing on her own over the next few days, sans Pitocin. (Don't worry, epidural is still VERY much in the plans, no matter when labor occurs!:)) Due date still stands... April 13th, and I could very well be induced next week, but we feel good about no longer being induced EARLY. I feel like the mama who cried baby, and I apologize for all the false alarms! I promise, we'll let you all know and "shout it from the rooftops" as soon as there is REAL action.

Meantime, my amazing mother is here, and we have been nesting like crazy. She's been a huge help taking great care of us, cooking, cleaning, sewing, decorating, shopping, etc. We even squeezed in a little time for cherry blossoms. The nursery is really coming together! My mom MADE all the bedding and is now reupholstering my glider. When it's all finished I'll post pictures, but for now, check out GRANDMA'S NURSERY! That's right, this first time grandma was nesting back in Sandy long before she stepped on a plane to Maryland. She figured Anderson (and future East Coast living grandchildren) need a place to stay when they come for long visits. My old room has officially become the nursery. What lucky grandkids!

Lots of old furniture repainted and spiffed up, plus
something my mom always wanted: a Jenny Lind crib!

Think those huge polka dots look cool?
They're 99 cent placemats from Walmart! She's so creative!

The picture doesn't do this rug justice.
How do I know? She brought me one in apple green!
It's SO bright and fun.

The teddy bear picture was in my nursery 28 years ago.


Brittany said...

What a fun Grandma Anderson is going to have! Your mom rocks and I love the place mats... super creative! I am so excited for you... you could have a baby at any time. I can't wait to hear. Oh by the way I totally love the name Anderson! Good luck with everything!

Sarah S said...

very exciting!! I have been thinking about you this week, wondering how everything was going. I think you're wise to wait! good luck with the next couple of days - I'm anxious to hear how it all goes.

Your mom is so sweet! Her nursery looks really cute.

bclawson03 said...

How exciting to just let nature run it's course! Good luck with everything! I'm there right with you with the waiting things out. Hopefully, since you are due before me you'll go first. Good luck with everything!

Crystal and Jake said...

I also love the name anderson, or anders and have dreamed of a son for myself named this someday- after my maiden name. That nursery is fabulous, you should post some picts of the one you've done too. Good luck on Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday. I am sure it won't be too much longer.

Jill said...
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Jill said...

Love the nursery! Can't wait to see yours too. Wendy, why were you going to be induced early?

jaredandmatisse said...

Hi Wendy! We have been thinking about you and I am so glad to know your mommy is there to take care of you. I love "Grandma's Nursery". Is Harley back yet? I love the name Anderson. I love the nick name Ander, but I will call him Anderson until further notice. Love, Love, Love, Matisse

janaemadsen said...

I can't believe how cute these nursery pictures are- of course you have to post your pictures I love your house- keep us posted about baby!

anna banana said...

I have been wondering what is going on and then finally got on the blog today. Sounds like you guys are doing good, and I am glad you and your mom are having a fabulous time. I am sure Anderson will be along on his own any day!

lys said...

Oh, Wendy! I can hardly stand the suspense! I can't wait to hear about Anderson's birth. You are handling this "unscheduled" birth remarkably well considering what a planner you are!

I love Grandma's nursery. I'm anxious to see yours!

The Petrini Post said...

Well if you are hopeing for the baby to come soon, they say the best way to get that baby out is to "do" what you did to get it in there in the first place. :) And then repeat. That's all I'm going to say about that. :) Good luck...can't wait to see the little guy.