Friday, April 25, 2008

"Bonkers for Baby"

I'm in love all over again... with a 10 day old little boy. I had no idea my feelings for my baby would be so deep and so intense. I've always liked kids, especially toddlers, but newborns usually bored me after about five minutes. Not the case when he's your own! I couldn't be more enamoured with Anderson. My mom says I've gone "bonkers for baby." It's true! Who knew all his little coos, tight fist shakes, hiccups, sneezes, burps and even little cries could be so endearing and funny? I love listening to the noises he makes when he sleeps and watching his little delicate chest go up and down. Another surprise: I had no idea infants made so many faces! It's all so entertaining. He makes us laugh every day. I can't believe how much I've already learned about myself through caring for him. I'm so happy. I don't even mind 3AM feedings because it's another chance to stare at him. (Harley says that's the drugs in me talking...) I just feel blessed because last night he slept a whopping 5 1/2 hours straight! I actually got FOUR straight hours of uninterrupted sleep! Ah, the perks of birthing a ginormous child - they are great sleepers! I'm sure we have many sleepless nights and brutal challenges ahead, but so far I AM LOVING MOTHERHOOD!

P.S. If something huge (other than the Pope's visit) is going on in the world, someone better alert me. I've watched very little news in the last three and a half weeks, and so far, I don't miss it one bit!

Some of Anderson's many funny faces...

He hated his first bath, given by Dad...

But he quickly forgave and forgot and they made up...

Life in the Boppy, getting a manicure, listening to American Idol is good!

We think he looks more and more "Weiler" in pictures every day.
Yet in person, we can't figure out whom he takes after!


Monday, April 21, 2008

You were born for television baby!

How many people can say they were on live television during their first week of life? Not many! Lucky baby... almost makes all those night shifts worth it. Almost.

Click here to watch Anders' TV debut!

If you can't get enough of Anderson, check out Harley's blog. The little slide show he's posted made this Diva Mom cry.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Some Favorite Pics

We are LOVING our new little boy. Day 4 and he's already such a good sleeper, eater and pooper!

Father and son meet

First Visitor: a very excited aunt Cheryl

Ready to go home

Grandma, Grandson & Glider

We LOVE his fat rolls!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anderson Arrives!

We're thrilled to announce Anderson James King has entered the world!

Date: April 15, 2008

Time: 12:53 PM

Weight: 9 pounds 8 ounces

Length: 21 inches

Hours of Labor: 22 hours

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's Missing from this Picture?

My mom and I have been working feverishly on Anderson's nursery.

My mom made all the bedding...

She re-upholstered the glider (still working on the arm pads)...

Harley assembled the furniture and I filled the drawers and shelves...

We've been painting lamps, hanging frames...

Organizing, decorating, washing, folding...
nearly every last detail is taken care of...

The only thing this nursery is missing: A BABY!

I hit 40 weeks yesterday. My due date is tomorrow. I don't feel I'm allowed to be impatient yet because I'm not technically "due" yet (and my mom and Harley are doing a great job at being VERY impatient). However, I will say I'm VERY excited to meet this little boy! We're just waiting... and waiting... and nesting... and the To Do list is seriously dwindling, which is really thrilling!

We'll keep you posted...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Not Birthing, Just Nesting

Once again, "the plan" has changed. It's tricky when an OCD organizer tries to schedule something as unpredictable as birth! After a lot of reading and counseling with doctors we decided to cancel the induction scheduled for tomorrow. We'll see if Mother Nature can't just spark this labor thing on her own over the next few days, sans Pitocin. (Don't worry, epidural is still VERY much in the plans, no matter when labor occurs!:)) Due date still stands... April 13th, and I could very well be induced next week, but we feel good about no longer being induced EARLY. I feel like the mama who cried baby, and I apologize for all the false alarms! I promise, we'll let you all know and "shout it from the rooftops" as soon as there is REAL action.

Meantime, my amazing mother is here, and we have been nesting like crazy. She's been a huge help taking great care of us, cooking, cleaning, sewing, decorating, shopping, etc. We even squeezed in a little time for cherry blossoms. The nursery is really coming together! My mom MADE all the bedding and is now reupholstering my glider. When it's all finished I'll post pictures, but for now, check out GRANDMA'S NURSERY! That's right, this first time grandma was nesting back in Sandy long before she stepped on a plane to Maryland. She figured Anderson (and future East Coast living grandchildren) need a place to stay when they come for long visits. My old room has officially become the nursery. What lucky grandkids!

Lots of old furniture repainted and spiffed up, plus
something my mom always wanted: a Jenny Lind crib!

Think those huge polka dots look cool?
They're 99 cent placemats from Walmart! She's so creative!

The picture doesn't do this rug justice.
How do I know? She brought me one in apple green!
It's SO bright and fun.

The teddy bear picture was in my nursery 28 years ago.