Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Having a Baby in Ten Days (I hope!)


Last Day of Work: Tomorrow
Harley Flies to Atlanta for an interview at Georgia Tech University: Thursday
**would you let your husband leave you one week before you're scheduled to give birth??**
Mom Arrives: Friday
Harley Returns: Saturday
Admitted to Hospital: 2:00PM Wednesday 9th
Scheduled Induction: 5:30AM Thursday 10th
Original Due Date: Sunday 13th

Items on "Pre-Baby" To Do List: 262
Appointments/Commitments in the Next 10 Days: 11
Houseguests Coming in the Next 10 Days: 4

At this morning's doctor's appointment I was told he's dropped "a little," and I'm starting to efface. However, I'm not dilated and showing no real signs of labor. (I'm definitely feeling "practice contractions" though!) This is all great news to me! I REALLY hope he doesn't come early! My induction is scheduled three days ahead of my due date, and I'm already feeling like I lost too much time! With the exception of ONE girlfriend, Alyssa, ALL my prego friends are having their babies EARLY. This trend makes me really nervous!


Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

O my gosh!!! So right now you are sleeping for the last time in the day!!!! That is so awesome. Tomorrow you can twist for the last time ever. This is such an exciting time. So will you for sure go in Wednesday afternoon? Does that mean I can come see you at the hospital Wednesday night? How will I ever leave for mexico with all the excitment in Gaithersburg?!?!

Emily said...

I am lost for words, there are so many directions I could take this comment, but I am so thrilled for you and hope to compare notes after this little boy arrives. Connor is laying beside me and it seems as if he has been out of my belly much more than 3 weeks. Lots of Love, Emily

Sarah S said...

Good luck with this last week or so Wendy!!! I think it's just a fluke that most of your prego friends have been early - I know a large chunk of people who have been about on time or late, esp. w/ their first. I started laboring on Eli's due date (but didn't have him until the next day).

That is a little crazy that Harley will be out of town this weekend though! But exciting that you might end up at Georgia Tech - how fun if you ended up near Amber! We have friends here whose husband is going to Auburn to be a prof. in business, so I think they'll be somewhere in that part of Atlanta...

jaredandmatisse said...

I am so excited! I can't wait to meet mini-Harley. I bet you are going to have everything all prepared. Just relish it! You deserve it.

Ligia McQueen said...

Hooray to the last day of work! Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy this time for yourself. Even though you feel like you have a thousand things to do, just remember, all you really need are diapers, wipes, blankets, a place for baby to sleep. There you're set! If there's anything we can do or help with while Harley's away just let us know. So exciting!!!!

Kellie said...

Is it crazy that it is almost here. Layne has already schedule a YM WEEK HIKE the last week of July (I am due the 11th of August). So I am having my sister come up and stay with me just in case I go early... which I doubt, but you never know!

Good luck with everything. At least you know what day the baby is going to come. So fun for your mom to be there to. That makes a HUGE difference!! We are so excited for you!!!

lys said...

Congrats on your induction date, Wendy! I knew that you, being the scheduler that you are, couldn't handle the uncertainty of a spontaneous labor. I'm the same way!!! ;) I can't wait to hear all about how things go. Best of luck!

Love you!

Crystal and Jake said...

Oh Boy! I just can't wait to hear all about next week! Good luck and congrats on no more work... hooray for that for sure! I would add my no worries to the being early. Kate seriously had no room in my 5'1" body but still was five days late, and we just kept waiting and waiting. I think you will be happy having your baby a few days early with your induction.... at least his due date wont pass and you wont have to cry because you are so frustrated every time someone calls to ask if the baby has been born :)

janaemadsen said...

how exciting wendy. p.s. do you want to use our baby swing?

Brittany said...

Wendy I found your blog! I'm so excited for you... I can't believe you're having a baby in just a few days! Congrats, I hope everything goes well! Take care - Brittany

garrett said...

That is so exciting for you guys. I hope the baby is really tall. It will make me proud if Harley has a kid in the third row of school pictures.

-Garrett (forever in the first row, too)

p.s. Kricket is expecting in September.