Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Having a Baby in Ten Days (I hope!)


Last Day of Work: Tomorrow
Harley Flies to Atlanta for an interview at Georgia Tech University: Thursday
**would you let your husband leave you one week before you're scheduled to give birth??**
Mom Arrives: Friday
Harley Returns: Saturday
Admitted to Hospital: 2:00PM Wednesday 9th
Scheduled Induction: 5:30AM Thursday 10th
Original Due Date: Sunday 13th

Items on "Pre-Baby" To Do List: 262
Appointments/Commitments in the Next 10 Days: 11
Houseguests Coming in the Next 10 Days: 4

At this morning's doctor's appointment I was told he's dropped "a little," and I'm starting to efface. However, I'm not dilated and showing no real signs of labor. (I'm definitely feeling "practice contractions" though!) This is all great news to me! I REALLY hope he doesn't come early! My induction is scheduled three days ahead of my due date, and I'm already feeling like I lost too much time! With the exception of ONE girlfriend, Alyssa, ALL my prego friends are having their babies EARLY. This trend makes me really nervous!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Vampire Anniversary to Me!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have reached a personal milestone. As of today, March 21st 2008, I've officially been producing morning newscasts for THREE YEARS. I never would have believed when John Jewkes and Graydon Johns took me to lunch at The Carriage Cafe and told me they wanted to move me from nightside associate producer to morning producer that THREE YEARS later, I'd still be working those ghastly hours they described. That's THREE YEARS of working nights and sleeping days. That's THREE YEARS of "twisting" every Friday (check: 156 times of at least trying to stay up 24 straight hours). THREE YEARS of skipping peaceful Sundays afternoons filled with visiting friends, phone calls home, journaling, etc. to instead rush to bed to "twist" back. The biggest one: THREE YEARS OF BEING TIRED! It's also THREE YEARS of not sharing a bed with my husband during the week. It's sad to say, but thanks to this shift, Harley and I have NOT sleep together more nights in our marriage than we HAVE.

I really enjoy producing. Right now, I am especially loving my 5AM show. But I have to say, it's been a hard THREE YEARS! It's been hard on my body (especially my pregnant body... by the way, many of you will remember me vowing I would never do this shift pregnant. Ha!), hard on my sanity, hard on my social life and hard on my marriage. I must give a shout out to Harley here because he has been amazingly supportive of my difficult hours and my career in general. I don't think I would have been so understanding and patient had the roles been reversed. I'm grateful for my old job at KSL. I'm grateful for my current job at Fox 5. I've learned and grown in many ways and have had really cool experiences in this industry. But... I am so ready to STOP the overnight shift! I have ten newscasts left to produce before I go on maternity leave. That's two more Fridays to twist and a mere 110 teases to write!

Things I Will Love about Being Back on a Normal Schedule
*seeing the sun all day, every day
*sleeping with my husband in the same bed at the same time! (yea for pillow talk!)
*having holidays off!!!!!! No bartering, no begging involved... I just get them OFF!
*lazy Sunday afternoons that AREN'T part of the work week
*not being on the verge of tears far too often with no good reason, because I'm just that tired
*no longer being that girl who always talks about how she slept and how tired she is
*staying on vacation as long as I want (Utah for the entire month of July -- YEA!)
*feeling fun on a Friday night, instead of feeling exhausted
*not immediately counting the hours I slept once I wake up, trying to figure out if it was sufficient
*maybe the bags under my eyes will disappear?
*no more insomnia... hopefully! (though I blame that mostly on the 3rd trimester... not my shift)

Things I Will Miss About the Overnight Shift (yes, there are a few)
*never dealing with traffic
*my super productive Fridays
*good (even if brief) chats with friends during my commute
*The Kane Show on Hot 99.5FM (especially their "War of the Roses" segments)
*weekends starting at 7AM on Friday
*having the entire bed to myself:)
*rarely having to set an alarm (Harley's kisses at 9:30PM=best wake-up call ever!)
*justifying lots of Coke (I also vowed I would not let this shift make me a caffeine junkie... whoops)

That's just talking positives and negatives about the hours. Don't even get me started on the Working v. Not Working pros and cons. I have really mixed feelings about my pending "career change," and it makes me a little too emotional to talk about it.;) And, I know, I know... being a new mom does not involve a "normal" schedule. But something tells me sleepless nights with a newborn won't last THREE YEARS (they better not)! I've also got a whole list on how producing at 3AM and mothering at 3AM are totally different, but I'll save that until I've actually experienced both.

March 21st 2005
My first day (night) as a producer.
(note: Harley is in his pajamas as I'm
heading out the door at 10:30PM!)

June 30th 2006
Me and MDA (Marie Davies): Best Producing Team Ever
with our "KSL High Five" Award

June 30th 2006
KSL Eyewitness News Morning Team

June 1st 2007
Fox 5 Morning News Team on Anchor's Last Day

December 31st 2007
Producing 5AM Newscast in Fox 5 Control Room
(note: Michael, My Valentine is to my right!)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Obesity Loves Company

Today I am officially nine months pregnant. For those of you who, like me, are still trying to understand pregnancy math let me clarify. I have four more weeks to go. You are pregnant THROUGH the ninth month, hence you are really pregnant TEN MONTHS. (Why didn't anyone warn me about this?) I'm feeling large and in charge, but the great part is I'm not alone! It seems everyone is prego these days. A quick count shows 19 people in my life who are pregnant or just had a baby (CONGRATS REESE FAMILY!!). This count includes five dear friends: Alyssa, Amber Diva, Mindy, Joni and Kelley who all have due dates within two weeks of mine! Then there are the at least 16 pregos in my ward! I feel blessed to be sharing my BIG experience with so many close friends, even if they are miles and miles away. Big girls, you are beautiful!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Joys of Live Television and Bitter Talent

We had a minor anchor/reporter tiff on the air this morning, but it wasn't anything like this!