Thursday, February 14, 2008

Michael, My Valentine

Sure I'm married to five feet six and a half inches of pure sexy. Harley treats me like a queen every day, especially when I'm prego, and for that I love him "longer than always." But this year, someone beat Harley to the Valentine punch! I received a gift at 5:59AM, just after my newscast ended, from one Michael Spencer... Fox 5 tech crew member extraordinaire. I've always liked Michael. He's friendly, dedicated and has a great sense of humor. Sometimes he operates our robotic cameras. Other days he's right beside me in the control room playing the roll of "Playout" (cues and rolls all our video). I always smile when I see him in Playout position because I know he'll be on his toes and make a few cracks during the show to keep everyone in the control room from taking this news biz too seriously. I don't know him that well. I couldn't tell you if he's married, where he lives or really anything else about him, but today I can tell you he has a heart of gold! He called me at 4:50AM (five minutes before my show started) and asked me to visit him in the robo cam room after my show. I did and Michael surprised me with a box of chocolates!

He told me that six years ago his mother died on Valentine's Day. Every year since he's honored a tradition to give a little something to the "great women" he's surrounded by whom he enjoys. He says it helps him think of his mother. I was so touched! Nothing says "I appreciate you" to a prego like a box of chocolates! What a great way to start the holiday! Thanks Michael!

I also just had to share a picture of this darling card I received yesterday! My friend Kelley decided to do Valentine cards instead of Christmas cards this year. What a great idea! I love her creativity. The cards turned out super cute!



Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

O my gosh, that blog made me what to cry!!! I love Micheal!!! And is that pic of you and Harley recent? Did you chop his hair since this weekend?

Wendy King said...

Harley got his hair PROFESSIONALLY chopped on Monday (finally!), and it's a very military style, crew cut (still deciding if we like it). The bigger question: did I lose my bangs and grow five inches of locks since last weekend (hello!)? No! This picture was taken two and a half years ago at Ben's wedding.

brookie said...

Wendy Diva! Sounds like you had a wonderful V-Day. And I love your prego updates. You look so cute. Dave and I are way excited for you. Can't wait to see pics of BabyBoy King when he makes his big debut! Miss you...brookie diva.