Friday, February 8, 2008

L'Eggo my Prego

I wouldn't say I've had strong "cravings" since being pregnant, but my eating habits and food preferences have certainly changed. I'm posting two lists, mostly for me, as I think it will be interesting to go back and look at them one year from now.

Food I LOVE as a Prego:
-blueberry Luna bars
-all fruit, especially grapefruit
-green apples smothered in crunchy peanut butter
-fruit juice (cannot get enough!)
-veggies & dill dip
-Sour Patch Kids
-Starburst jellybeans
-Kraft mac & cheese (this is a staple at least once a week and YES I like it reheated too!)
-Frosted Mini Wheats & Frosted Flakes cereal
-Ginger Ale (I'm not sure I'd ever even HAD this beverage pre-pregnant, and now I drink it ALL the time.)
-brie cheese & crackers (until I learned brie cheese is not recommended for pregos)
-Cafe Rio shredded chicken salad (not a day goes by I don't crave this... but living in MD, I have YET to satisfy this desire... even once... while pregnant!)

Food I used to love that I've lost nearly all interest in:
-Mexican food
-nachos (I used to have tortilla chips, melted cheese and salsa every Friday. No more.)
-potato chips
-Egg McMuffin (haven't had one since the day I blogged about it!)
-eggs in general
-Honey O's cereal (except at the Linds in NYC. For some reason they were really good there.)
-Coke (this is a HUGE change!)
-Dairy Queen chocolate chip cookie dough blizzards

My sister Cheryl thinks pregnancy is the best thing to ever happened to my diet, since for the most part, I eat healthier now. Tell that to this BIG 31 week BELLY:


Crystal and Jake said...

You always have cute blog titles! This will be a fun list- save to but in your sons scrapbook or something. Other prego foods i suggest rootbeer, gaterade, apple cider and fruit smoothies

Sarah S said...

CUTE belly!! I second the post from crystal - jamba juice was SO good when I was prego. I'm glad to see you especially love grapefruit since that was my fav. too.

Isn't it weird to suddenly stop having an interest in certain foods that you liked before???

Rebecca said...

Very cute belly! You should have told me yesterday that you love Ginger Ale since I have 1 1/2 - 2liters in my fridge that I was going to use for the baby shower but never did. I can't drink it until the pregnancy is over. Would you like it?

lys said...

Do you think that we both have a lack of vitamin C or something? Why do we both crave grapefruit so much?

becky said...


And when you come over in March, I'll make you a Cafe Rio salad. I have a recipe that's SO close! Everyone loves it!

Can't wait to see you!

Kellie said...

I love the list! 31 week!! How exciting! You're not too far off!

During my pregnancy with Owen I didn't eat Cafe Rio because I was scared that I wouldn't like it afterwards...I still can't eat Nature's Trail granola bars. Oh, and Wendy's frosties saved me!! Right now I can't eat chicken or most meats (I'm hoping this will fade as time goes on). Though I inhale red grapes. Yum!

janaemadsen said...

My first pregnancy craving was for sees sour stars- which are like sour patch kids- turns out they were sold out everywhere and I started crying. It was sad. then John called just about every sees candy store in the country and found me some.
ah ten billion pounds later. Williams sonoma carried them this year.