Friday, February 1, 2008


Something pretty amazing is happening in my first pregnancy. One of my very best friends, Mindy Lind, is prego too! We're due nine days apart and both expecting boys! We didn't really intend to get pregnant together, (although I credit her for sparking my "baby evolution") and are we're still in shock it all timed out like it did. In hindsight, we couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried!

Inspired by first trimester nausea and plotted during a "let's get together just to co-miserate" weekend back in September, we hatched a plan to go on a Babymoon! We wanted the tropical, sunny, frozen Dacri, big belly in bikini kind... but for several reasons, we ended up with the jam-packed subway, FREEZING, hot chocolate, squeeze into four layers kind. (What were those several reasons again?)


(I know I look ridiculous . I forgot my hat that day and did I mention it was FREEZING?????)

Who needs fun in the sun when you have weirdos on the subway?

Needless to say, our "Manhattamoon" was great! We ate... a lot, shopped for everything from diaper bags to dust ruffles, pity partied in our symptoms again, relieved our aching feet with pedicures, bonded in our fears of labor, just about passed out on the floor of the Marriott Hotel and savored our "one last hurrah" weekend together before these boys arrive and CHANGE EVERYTHING. We've been so bless to live only five hours apart for the last 18 months. We've somehow managed to visit each other NINE times! Four times we trekked to NYC, four times they schlepped to DC and once we met in Amish Country! Not only will babies cramp our footloose and fancy-free travels, the Linds move to Denver in two weeks! We will miss them so much!!!

Best Pregnancy Perk Ever: We were standing, FREEZING (temperature was 18 degrees) in a LONG TKTS line when a security guard noticed Mindy's belly, asked if she was pregnant and immediately moved all four of us to the front of the line! We saw Spamalot, starring Clay Aiken! We even caught him in his debut performance! Who knew!?

We can totally do this baby thing if we get to sit in these all day!

Perfect Timing: I was conveniently in town during Mindy's baby shower!

It's official... we've popped!!


Sarah S said...

I love the pictures!! You both look great. And Wendy, enjoy that long torso of yours... you're lucky that baby has room to spread out!

I love that you took a babymoon to NYC - and can totally imagine how freezing that was. These last two weeks I have thought a few times about how hard it would be to live in Manhattan and have to walk everywhere in this frigid weather. You're great for toughing it out anyway and having such a great time!

Crystal and Jake said...

So Cute! Not only is it so fun to be pregnant together, just wait until your little boys are doing the same things, and you can swap stories of adventures with a little one.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

You two are so cute! I can't wait to see you're belly in person in a week!!

lys said...

The two of you are absolutely adorable! You both look fantastic! I loved reading all about your Babymoon.

Kellie said...

How fun!! Love the pics and how cute your bellies are. Glad you are enjoying your last remains of freedom... freedom that is of carrying a diaper bag everywhere ;) Congrats!!

jaredandmatisse said...

Wendy! That is so cute! A baby moon. I don't blame you for the funky head wear. When it is cold out, I don't care how ridiculous I look, I pile on the layers!

ming said...

Everyone is so nice to say we look cute, because all I see when I look at these pictures is how freaking rolly polly I look! Ahhhhhh! Sarah commented on you enjoying that long torso Wendy...she's right...look how round I am next to you! You're cute, I'm fat. Booooooo. Pregnancy is SO much cuter on other people. Love you and miss you already! Can we just post babymoon in a tropical location please?