Thursday, January 17, 2008

"It's bigger than a houseboat..."

That's what we kept telling ourselves and that's how my family survived our cramped Christmas quarters. Nine people, six air mattresses (we'd borrowed more than planned by the end, trying to meet everyone's comfort level), piles of blankets and pillows, fourteen suitcases and bags... oh and ONE BATHROOM! My Dad, who in ways is the most high maintenance of all, became very familiar with our complex's gym locker rooms. Operation Christmas in the Capital was crowded, but it was truly magical! I loved having everyone stay in one place rather than scattered across multiple hotel rooms. (Of course, I say this because, being pregnant and on a weird schedule, I enjoyed my spacious king-size bed the entire time. Perhaps those who were on the floor, snoozing to the soothing sounds of others SNORING would disagree!) I should mention our apartment has seen these numbers before... almost. The 4th of July Extravaganza (pre-blogging days... no link:( ) hosted eight people and one dog. But we hit that max number only one night and the entire extravaganza was about 1/4 as long! We Weilers are big boaters and have enjoyed many trips to Lake Powell involving MORE people staying on a houseboat SMALLER than my apartment, so that helped keep things in perspective. However, I'm pretty sure next Christmas you'll find us all on a massive cruise ship...

For those of you who know my apartment, there were more peeps in the office, but you can't open the door to that room once an air mattress is inflated (hence no pictures). Remember how cute my apartment was all decked out before they arrived? Don't hold this mess against me... this is obviously not normally how I operate!:)

For pictures of the more "positive" aspects of Operation Christmas in the Capital, visit Harley's blog here. Click on the one picture he's posted to view an entire gallery of fun!

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