Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Really people, it's just snow.

I like snow. I don't mind Winter. But I hate Winter in DC. It happened again today, just like it happened last year. The first flurries of snow fell around 6AM and the nation's capital freaked out. Schools closed, the weather department panicked and traffic was a MESS. It's as though we're all Floridians and have never seen white stuff falling from the sky. Maybe I'm bitter because school was rarely canceled when I was growing up in Iowa. Even when we had MAJOR ice and snow storms, we still went to school. Maybe I just really miss the Utah mountains and see no point in a TON of snow if you can't ski in it. Or maybe I just don't understand why DC can't get it together! You are the power city of America. It's SNOW. Figure it out. This city seems to react to snow and icy roads, instead of prevent. Plows go out hours AFTER the fact. Salt trucks wait until the city is under a sheet of ice, then they fire up. It blows my mind every time.

I now sleep with my phone ON... something I stopped doing once I entered the sleep-is-more-precious-than-gold pregnancy state. Why? Because I know at any moment the call will come from work, telling me we're going on the air an hour early and it's up to me (the producer with the first show) to make it happen with NO extra staff or writers. This sucks for many reasons. #1. So much more work for me with no help. #2. An hour earlier deadline to get my double work on the air. #3. This probably means the roads are bad (or at least drivers are sliding around on not-so-bad roads because they forget how to handle this), so I need to allow extra time to commute. Or heaven forbid, I need to take the Metro which will surely be delayed or stuck in the snow. Metro also seems to de-ice way too late. Dear Mother Nature: I will suffer through nasty winters the rest of my life if you will please let this, my likely last winter in DC doing the earliest newscast, be mild.

Am I sounding extra bitter today? Well, that's because I've only given you the tip of the iceberg. SOMEONE HIT HARLEY ON THE FREEWAY! We've been married four 1/2 years. In that short time we've been in FOUR WRECKS! Only one was our (my) fault. This was the first accident for Fergie, our NEW car, which makes it especially frustrating. Fortunately, the damage to our car was minimal. Purely cosmetic. But she'll never be "a perfect new car" again. She's been "wrecked." Resale value just took a nosedive. It was 100% the other driver's fault, but apparently, she wouldn't admit it at first. She told Harley she "doesn't remember sliding into him..." even though her car was NOT DRIVABLE after she hit him! The police didn't come (too busy dealing with every OTHER crash on the freeway) so no report was filed. And of course, Harley, being the nice guy that he is, gave her a ride home, and they totally bonded. This had me very worried she would turn the tables and try to blame us somehow. However, it appears her insurance company is cooperating, and now we just have to deal with the hassle of getting a rental car and fixing Fergie.

Did I mention the humble pie (sorry Mindy and Jeff) Harley tasted during all of this? When I arrived home this morning I told Harley DC was in full-fledged winter freak-out mode. I pointed out it took me an extra 40 minutes to get home. I warned him I slid a bit myself on the Beltway. I begged him to be careful and take the Metro. What did he do? He made fun of me. That said... I'm so glad he's okay!!! I realize this could have been so much worse!

1205070846a Scratches and scraps on our perfect car.


Just for memory sake: 13 months ago, when Beyonce died.


becky said...

All I can say is A-freakin'-MEN! The only thing worse than snow in D.C. is NOTHING.

P.S. Sorry about your car. :( Our car was broken into two nights ago - shattered passenger window and stolen Carol, our GPS. BOO!

I thought of something worse than snow in D.C. - oh wait. I didn't. I was still thinking of the snow.

Marie Davies said...

First, glad no one was hurt in the accident.... Second... remember when we had that especially crazy snow day and it was in the middle of the book and we totally rocked it and got shout out from the News Director??? That was awesome.

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

so SAD!! I'm glad Harley is okay. And I am also wallowing in winter weather frustration. We had more snow tonight (after getting 4 inches two days ago) and we have to constantly move both cars to various sides of the street and to side streets because it's a "snow emergency" - our city even sounds the emergency sirens to let us know the emergency parking regulations are in effect, and if we don't keep up with it, our cars will be ticketed and towed.

I will say that Chicago has figured out the salt/snowplow truck thing - they often have the snowplows out waiting on the side of the road, ready to get moving as soon as the snow starts falling. We still have our fair share of accidents though!

Good luck dealing w/ the other driver, insurance, rental car, etc. Such a pain!!

lys said...

Snow days are one of the reasons I LOVED growing up in Maryland. It was so nice to look out the window, see a few flakes of snow, turn on the radio, hear that school was canceled, and go back to sleep. . .

It was so strange to come to Utah and find out that they NEVER, EVER, EVER cancel school.

The Petrini Post said...

You crack me up...But i totally agree about the snow thing out's beyond funny at how retarded people are when it snows. I'm from Utah, and it wasn't until we got 4 feet of snow one day that the school cancelled half-way through because people didn't want to show up...not couldn't, just didn't want to. Anyway, sorry about the car wreck...I think it's so funny you name your cars. :) What would you name a white mini-van? Just curious?

The Petrini Post said...

BTW, did I mention it took john 3 1/2 hours to get to work that day. The snow was not even sticking and his work is 20 miles away. Lame!

jaredandmatisse said...

Oh Beyonce! Only the good die young! I am so excited you have a little boy! What a sweet thing he will be. He looks very handsome from the ultra-sound photos. I can't wait to meet him. He is going to be one very smart baby. best of luck Harley on all your school stuff. You are going to have some fantastic choices. Did you apply to schools is CT? Yale?

Claudia said...

Ah, snow in DC. What a nightmare! I am sorry about your car, but glad that everyone is okay. As for the comment about this being your last snow-news season, any ideas what next year holds?