Monday, December 24, 2007

There's No Place Like #202 for the Holidays

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! What will I be doing tonight? Going to work. What will I be doing tomorrow? Sleeping. But that's okay! I'm not depressed about it because my entire family (minus missionary brother) is in town for the holidays, and we're having so much fun! They arrived last Wednesday, and we played and toured non-stop until Sunday when I had to go back to work. Right now, they're on to Cheryl & Ryan's in Charlottesville. Wednesday they will all come back, and we'll play even harder until Monday!


"Operation Christmas in the Capital: Day 1" in front of the White House

For the first time in my life I'm hosting Christmas. This year Weiler Christmas is not Tuesday, but Saturday, the 29th, when we can all be together! I've spent weeks decorating, cooking, shopping, baking, (yes you read that last one correctly), preparing, planning, wrapping... did I mention hand-making ornaments? When I decide to do something, I go 100%... or maybe my "nesting" hormones are finally kicking in!:) I wanted to make "Operation Christmas in the Capitol" as special as possible. Granted, we are lacking many of the beautiful traditions my mom has established, but somehow cramming nine people into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with FOUR air mattresses (thank you ward friends!!), countless blankets and no room to walk will surely provide a Christmas no one will ever forget.

Here's a look at some of the little Christmas merries I've been working so hard on. Obviously these pictures were taken pre-family arrival, when I could still see my floor.

HPIM3644 I ripped the idea of a "Family Tree" out of the Pottery Barn catalog. I knew I couldn't afford to buy all the store's fancy frames, so I improvised, "scrapbooking" my own!

HPIM3627 HPIM3626


We lit so many candles we worried we'd burn the place down! Note the silver branches and red bow atop the mirror. (Hint: If you click on the pictures they get bigger!) It may not look like much but that little festive diddy took me forever to perfect! Until this year, our topiary has served as our Christmas Tree. We didn't want it to feel left out, so we continued our tradition of putting lights and silver balls (made by our SLC Liberty Ward primary two years ago) on the topiary. 


A glitter candle and red berry centerpiece, a full Poinsettia, silver chargers and a velvet ribbon boasting Christmas cards from you!
HPIM3639 Opening a mailbox full of Christmas cards is for sure one of my top five favorite things about the holidays.
Everyone was greeted with a "welcome to DC" stocking containing a Metro map, water bottle, candy cane and detailed itinerary spelling out every hour of the 12 day extravaganza!

HPIM3635 HPIM3656

Food to feed Washington's army!

This is from a few weeks ago just before a holiday party. Definitely showing at 22/23 (depending on whom you ask) weeks! :) Yeah, I’m doing all this six months pregnant… what was I thinking?! Truth be told, you know I LOVED every minute!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Really people, it's just snow.

I like snow. I don't mind Winter. But I hate Winter in DC. It happened again today, just like it happened last year. The first flurries of snow fell around 6AM and the nation's capital freaked out. Schools closed, the weather department panicked and traffic was a MESS. It's as though we're all Floridians and have never seen white stuff falling from the sky. Maybe I'm bitter because school was rarely canceled when I was growing up in Iowa. Even when we had MAJOR ice and snow storms, we still went to school. Maybe I just really miss the Utah mountains and see no point in a TON of snow if you can't ski in it. Or maybe I just don't understand why DC can't get it together! You are the power city of America. It's SNOW. Figure it out. This city seems to react to snow and icy roads, instead of prevent. Plows go out hours AFTER the fact. Salt trucks wait until the city is under a sheet of ice, then they fire up. It blows my mind every time.

I now sleep with my phone ON... something I stopped doing once I entered the sleep-is-more-precious-than-gold pregnancy state. Why? Because I know at any moment the call will come from work, telling me we're going on the air an hour early and it's up to me (the producer with the first show) to make it happen with NO extra staff or writers. This sucks for many reasons. #1. So much more work for me with no help. #2. An hour earlier deadline to get my double work on the air. #3. This probably means the roads are bad (or at least drivers are sliding around on not-so-bad roads because they forget how to handle this), so I need to allow extra time to commute. Or heaven forbid, I need to take the Metro which will surely be delayed or stuck in the snow. Metro also seems to de-ice way too late. Dear Mother Nature: I will suffer through nasty winters the rest of my life if you will please let this, my likely last winter in DC doing the earliest newscast, be mild.

Am I sounding extra bitter today? Well, that's because I've only given you the tip of the iceberg. SOMEONE HIT HARLEY ON THE FREEWAY! We've been married four 1/2 years. In that short time we've been in FOUR WRECKS! Only one was our (my) fault. This was the first accident for Fergie, our NEW car, which makes it especially frustrating. Fortunately, the damage to our car was minimal. Purely cosmetic. But she'll never be "a perfect new car" again. She's been "wrecked." Resale value just took a nosedive. It was 100% the other driver's fault, but apparently, she wouldn't admit it at first. She told Harley she "doesn't remember sliding into him..." even though her car was NOT DRIVABLE after she hit him! The police didn't come (too busy dealing with every OTHER crash on the freeway) so no report was filed. And of course, Harley, being the nice guy that he is, gave her a ride home, and they totally bonded. This had me very worried she would turn the tables and try to blame us somehow. However, it appears her insurance company is cooperating, and now we just have to deal with the hassle of getting a rental car and fixing Fergie.

Did I mention the humble pie (sorry Mindy and Jeff) Harley tasted during all of this? When I arrived home this morning I told Harley DC was in full-fledged winter freak-out mode. I pointed out it took me an extra 40 minutes to get home. I warned him I slid a bit myself on the Beltway. I begged him to be careful and take the Metro. What did he do? He made fun of me. That said... I'm so glad he's okay!!! I realize this could have been so much worse!

1205070846a Scratches and scraps on our perfect car.


Just for memory sake: 13 months ago, when Beyonce died.

Monday, December 3, 2007

90% Boy

We had our first real ultrasound appointment Friday! We were so excited. The experience was kind of disappointing and frustrating, partly because the baby was in breech position so they couldn't get a good gender-defining shot. The technician told us she was "80% sure" it's a boy. Of course, this 80% business is not good enough for me, so I sent the pictures straight to my own, personal radiologist: Kaveh Soleimanpour (helps when your BFF marries a hot shot doctor). He examined the photo and says it's "90% a boy." Loving that extra 10%! Thanks Kaveh! This may just make you his unofficial Godfather!

The controversial gender photo
The face we'll love regardless!