Monday, November 26, 2007

Food, glorious food!

I expected Thanksgiving to suck this year. We're a million miles from family. I worked normal hours the entire week and had no time, energy or skill to even think about making a real Thanksgiving dinner for two. I was doing my best to ignore the holiday (hard when you're in the news and the holiday is "what's going on") and be content with reheated Mac & Cheese for dinner. Instead, I woke up at 10pm Thursday night to this:

Harley spent three hours slaving away in the kitchen cooking a full holiday meal with all the fixin's! I couldn't believe all his hard work for just us. Too bad the meal went seriously under-appreciated as I had 10 minutes to scarf it down and run out the door! We've been enjoying leftovers for days.

HPIM3618 Note the TWO pumpkin pies... made from scratch!

And by "enjoying" I really mean it! Food tastes good again! I've gone from detesting everything to craving anything. Last Sunday I wanted cake. Pillsbury confetti cake. The kind with the confetti INSIDE batter and INSIDE the frosting. So I baked an entire cake. Harley's not much of a "ghetto cake" (aka cake out of a box) kind of guy, so he didn't have one bite. We forgot it existed when the home teachers came over, so we didn't offer any to them. Can you taste where I'm going with this? I ATE AN ENTIRE CAKE BY MY PREGNANT SELF IN ONE WEEK! This is what the cake looked like yesterday, only seven days later:

And yes I polished it off! I was going to post some new prego pics, but now that I've confessed my sudden binging habits I think I'll hold off. You'll be less likely to judge.:)


JessK said...

That Harley's a good man to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner! Wahoo to food tasting good again! Just in yummy time. :)

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

Harley is so terrific!! You'll have to tell him that I fully support his no cakes from a box snobbery. I have a hard time finding other people who feel the same way!

However, I'm impressed that you ate the cake all by your prego self Wendy! You have to do stuff like that once in a while when you're pregnant, right? :) I'm glad your Thanksgiving didn't stink like you thought it would...

lys said...

I'm always so impressed with Harley's cooking projects! What a great guy to do that for you.

Don't feel too guilty about the cake. I've consumed HALF of a Cheesecake Factory chocolate mousse cheesecake in the past 5 days. Way more calories and fat than your cake-from-a-box with sprinkles. . .

becky said...

a. Harley King - putting husbands to shame again and again.

b. YAY for confetti cake. My college roommates used to make fun of me for buying egg beaters (fake eggs), skim milk (fake milk) and light cheese (fake cheese), but keeping a container of funfetti frosting perpetually at the ready.

c. You keep getting cuter and cuter (and you wear your pregnant glow well).

jaredandmatisse said...

Wendy, you have a super husband. Harley is one in a billion. I miss you both so much. Don't fret about the cake. I am not prego and I still eat like I am eating for linebackers.