Monday, November 26, 2007

Food, glorious food!

I expected Thanksgiving to suck this year. We're a million miles from family. I worked normal hours the entire week and had no time, energy or skill to even think about making a real Thanksgiving dinner for two. I was doing my best to ignore the holiday (hard when you're in the news and the holiday is "what's going on") and be content with reheated Mac & Cheese for dinner. Instead, I woke up at 10pm Thursday night to this:

Harley spent three hours slaving away in the kitchen cooking a full holiday meal with all the fixin's! I couldn't believe all his hard work for just us. Too bad the meal went seriously under-appreciated as I had 10 minutes to scarf it down and run out the door! We've been enjoying leftovers for days.

HPIM3618 Note the TWO pumpkin pies... made from scratch!

And by "enjoying" I really mean it! Food tastes good again! I've gone from detesting everything to craving anything. Last Sunday I wanted cake. Pillsbury confetti cake. The kind with the confetti INSIDE batter and INSIDE the frosting. So I baked an entire cake. Harley's not much of a "ghetto cake" (aka cake out of a box) kind of guy, so he didn't have one bite. We forgot it existed when the home teachers came over, so we didn't offer any to them. Can you taste where I'm going with this? I ATE AN ENTIRE CAKE BY MY PREGNANT SELF IN ONE WEEK! This is what the cake looked like yesterday, only seven days later:

And yes I polished it off! I was going to post some new prego pics, but now that I've confessed my sudden binging habits I think I'll hold off. You'll be less likely to judge.:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Big Deal... Me & Melinda


It's strange but since I've gotten pregnant my job has taken this drastic turn for the REALLY GREAT! This could have something to do with all the celebrities who've graced our show recently. I told you about Boyz II Men here, but did I mention Tom Cruise?!?!?! Yeah, didn't get a picture with him... didn't even meet him actually... but I can now say Melinda Doolittle and I are tight! Well, maybe not "tight" but we chatted for a good 15 minutes in the studio last week! She was so nice. I love American Idol peeps because they are not yet spoiled by fame. She's exactly what you'd expect her to be... super sweet, really down to earth and extremely humble. She was in town to have dinner at the White House (she and Laura Bush became besties during a recent trip to Africa). She told me all about dining with the President (apparently they feed you VERY little), how she stressed out about what to wear and how she just about bawled mid performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with the National Children's Choir. It was like talking to a girlfriend. She really impressed me because she was so appreciative to our staff and so grateful for "all God has blessed her with." Go Melinda! The world needs more famous people like you!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Best Day!

Last weekend Harley and I had the BEST DAY! Maybe it was so great because I actually slept almost eight hours on a weekend (an anomaly now that I'm prego). Maybe it's because I had the most delicious grapefruit for breakfast. I'm telling you, the tart fruit never tasted so good! Thanks, Sarah, for the suggestion! Maybe it's because for the first time ever I wore maternity pants and a maternity top at the same time! (Until now, I've only been able to talk myself into one at a time.) It was a little strange, but very comfortable!

Any of these things would have made the day "great," but what made it the "best"? Behold the Shenandoah Valley!!!

We didn't have time for it. We didn't plan for it. We just threw caution, to-do lists and all obligations to the wind, and headed an hour and a half south to enjoy the highly recommended Skyline Drive. Before we left, we made some rules to ensure "best-ness."

Rule #1. No discussing anything stressful. We both have a lot on our plates right now, and it's easy to only talk money, jobs, future, plans, needs etc. when we see each other. But not this day! No intense or complicated topics allowed -- only fun, inspiring ones!

Rule #2. No same old music. We grabbed old CDs we hadn't listened to since our dating years and rediscovered them. Sometimes rediscovering old music is better than discovering new music! Shout out to The Kinleys (and to Jessica for introducing us) and to Celine Dion! Gag if you must, but Harley and I fell in love to Miss Celine's "A New Day has Come." I know Sara understands this fabulous courtship soundtrack!:)

Rule #3. No buying food. Only a picnic lunch would do. Funny how a sandwich and an apple has never settled so well.

The drive was beautiful. Unfortunately, the leaves weren't "peaking" like they usually do because of the drought, but it was still breathtaking. The "best" part: spending a relaxed day together... just the two of us.

HPIM3579 HPIM3561 HPIM3582-1
P.S. Monday wasn't bad either... because no big deal we had BOYZ II MEN live on our morning show! That's right, Fox 5 scored them BEFORE Good Morning America and the Today Show. You saw it here first people. Check it out! (Scroll past the interview... it gets a little long, but watch the performance... totally takes you back to junior high!)