Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Livin' in an Amish Paradise

Last weekend we took a great trip to Amish Country with Mindy and Jeff. It was wonderful! We stayed in this quaint town, Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. It was right next to Intercourse, that's right Intercourse, PA! We shopped in food, quilt and handicraft markets. We toured an Amish house and farm and rode in a buggy! I am fascinated by the Amish people! It was so interesting to learn about their religion and lifestyle. I really respect them. We enjoyed delicious apple cider and tried to get excited about very fermented homemade Rootbeer. We found great little places to eat; we got lost; and we even crashed a Renaissance Fair (that had nothing to do with the Amish). We went to the "Field of Screams" and most of us enjoyed a haunted hayride.:) The drive was beautiful, and we were all quite enchanted with Lancaster County. It was a great way to celebrate fall!

Yea for the Amish and their fine work!HPIM3517
Lunch at Haydn's Zug... great little restaurant with pewter dishes (not seen here)... recommended to us by a teenager high on pot.

HPIM3523 Yes, I'm from Iowa and grew up in the cornfields, but I was still impressed with the large pumpkins!

Best friends prego together... so fun! Remember how Mindy is one week ahead of me but I'm looking huge in this picture???!!
Jeff likes to pretend he's prego too... mostly so we'll stop bossing him around.

All hail the queen!

They couldn't resist.


Claudia said...

Great pictures! What fun to spend some time in Amish country! I bought a rocking chair in one of those small towns (not Intercourse, although we have been there) about 8 years ago and have dragged it across the country a couple of times. It is totally worth it, I can highly recommend the Amish furniture!

Anna and Al Rasmussen said...

What a fun trip! You guys look like you had a blast. Cute prego bellies!

JessK said...

Looks like fun! And you look adorable, not huge. :)

Crystal and Jake said...

Being back Easy seems like so much fun! These are great picts!

Kellie said...

Did you guys go to memorial spot for the school shooting? Is that the same place.

Cool, pics. I've always heard is so pretty out there. Love the prego pic. You both FABULOUS!!

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

very fun!! i love seeing your prego belly - keep the pictures coming!

T&C Nelson said...

I've GOT to get me one of those shirts!!

lys said...

I'm so glad that I finally got to see your pregnant belly-- although you hardly look pregnant. You and Mindy are adorable and I'm still amazed that your due dates are just days apart.

jaredandmatisse said...

Wendy, You are so beautiful! You have the glow, girl. What a great trip. -Tisse

Jolly said...

I laughed so hard at the Jeff and Harley photo w/T-shirts. ;-)
-Emily Plicka

jaredandmatisse said...

Those shirts/hats are awesome!!! The look on the boys' faces is too great. I can't wait to see intercourse someday. - jared

Davis & Asialene said...

My brother lives in Lancaster County - we always love visiting his small town! I'll have to try some of the things you did next time we go out there. Very fun pictures!