Monday, October 1, 2007

Friday-Overs... almost over?

Harley and I just realized we haven't spent a Friday night in our bed for nearly a month! First it was a camp-out with Harley's JHU peeps in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. It poured rain 80% of the time. Good thing we had the Tent-of-All-Amazement to keep us dry (thanks Wannacott family)! Highlights of this adventure include watching Harley blow up our air mattress with his mouth (our pump died), and eating a hot dog and actually thinking it tasted good (something I hadn't experienced in about 15 years).

HPIM3429Unlikely trio: me, a hot dog and a smile.

HPIM3443 The Wannacott Tent or The Hilton?

Then we spent a weekend in New York City visiting some of our favorite people Jeff and Mindy. We also saw Peter while we were there. We didn't do much... which is exactly how we wanted it. The boys played video games; Mindy and I just talked. An entire weekend inside "The Octagon," simply chillin'. Their apartment building is so fancy! Doesn't it look like a hotel? We always think that when we visit!

The Octagon

Last weekend Harley and I stayed at Bar-T Ranch for a ward youth leadership retreat. We stayed in yurts... something I didn't even know existed! It was fun getting to know the youth and other adults in the ward, even if I was freezing most of the time!

HPIM3464 Harley trying to entertain the youth

Our three-week stint of "Friday-Overs" have been great, but they've led me to two conclusions: #1. No wonder I've been so tired lately (and so negligent of my new blog!) #2. I'm really over S'mores. This weekend... Charlottesville to visit Cheryl and Ryan! After that the visitors come to us (yea for Sarah and Eli)!


jaredandmatisse said...

Windy, I know these friends, Mindy and Jeff are quite delightful, but if you come to the city again, you must call me or you will get a spankin'.

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

whoo hoo, one week til we get to see you!! i can't wait!

Crystal and Jake said...

I am jealous! It sounds like you have had your fill of fun weekends.

Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

I visited. You are a busy bod, but I'm so glad you came to see me even though you were exhausted.

Kellie said...

Wow, you guys know how to fun. I still think it is cool how you can just pop over to New York when you want. The states aren't that far away, are they? :)

Love the hot dog pic... that made me laugh.

I think your friend's apt is so sweet. I would love to live there.

I had no idea there could even be a word yurt?? That is such a weird word, but it looks cool to stay in. I bet it was so fun!