Monday, September 17, 2007

Miss Taggart Goes to Washington

HPIM3418 I'm so lucky! Jessica came to visit again last weekend! This time she was here on important family business, but I got to steal her for an entire Saturday. It was typical time with Jekyl Diva. There were laughs, tears, totally random moments with strangers... we even squeezed in some unexpected shopping. I can't wait until the next visit. March, right Jessica?

HPIM3422 HPIM3425

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Egg McMuffin

You're looking at my morning staple. Two pieces of ham, two eggs, three pieces of cheese smooshed between an everything bagel. I probably shouldn't call it an "Egg McMuffin," for it is neither muffin nor of McDonalds... but for some reason, that's just what I call it. And I eat one every single morning.

Okay, maybe not every morning, but just about. Most of you know I'm not exactly a gourmet chef. I'm doing a lot better in the kitchen lately (thanks to easy recipes from many of you!), but I'm still pretty unmotivated when it comes to providing food for myself, especially at 7:30AM. It is at this time of day I am starving. Having worked all night with no food break I am pretty much ready to eat my hand when I get home. My 7:30AM meal is my "dinner." It's the biggest meal I have in a 24 hour period. I make the Egg McMuffin because it's quick, easy and very filling. I really do consume one most Monday-Fridays. Sometimes I branch out to cereal, leftovers or a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, but usually I just go with my staple. It's that easy. I'm that lazy. I'm that much a creature of habit. Heck, let's throw in low maintenance! That's right, I'm that "low maintenance" when it comes to food! Oh and did I mention I find it delicious?!! Today is my one year anniversary at Fox. (I promise the next post will have nothing to do with anniversaries.) I would say for the last year I have eaten an Egg McMuffin 95% of weekday mornings. Amazingly, I'm not sick of it. Harley, on the other hand -- who introduced me to the breakfast treat -- wants to hurl every time he looks at it. I just remind him: "Honey, this is me being low maintenance."