Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's a blog, blog world

Call me "mad" but I'm joining it! I've always been a little late jumping on new technology /trend bandwagons. It took me years to convert from tape cassettes to CDs. Apparently, I was the last person on the planet to join Facebook. And somehow, both my husband and I are surviving without iPods. But the day it took me the same amount of time to check more than a dozen friends' blogs as it did to read a day's worth of personal emails, I knew it was time. Maybe it's the best new way to keep in touch. Perhaps it's the perfect venue to share pictures. Or maybe, just maybe... the real motivation for me is to have my own voice to compete against Harley's constant plea for pets on his blog. Attribute where you will... I'M IN!

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T&C Nelson said...

I have to be honest with you: first of all, I'm proud you for finally not just riding on Harley's amazing blog coat tails, even though I think we can all agree, he is extraordinary with the blog (you'll notice Cassidy and I share a blog, thus sharing this yoke as well).
Second, I can't help but think that my blog, and its welcoming email helped finally prod you to start your own, of which I'm also very proud. As support of this statement, the template for your blog is the same as mine, but the other color. -In conclusion, I'm proud of you having a blog, enjoy reading it, and look forward to more posts from the dear friend whom I have become to believe is a mythical character.