Friday, August 31, 2007

I Like My Life in Gaithersburg

One year ago today Harley and I moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland. It's been a big, and I'll admit kind of hard, year for us. We had a great life in Utah. We lived really close to family. We had wonderful friends, and we really liked living in downtown Salt Lake City. For us this move was "the big one." The move most young married couples inevitably make at some point. We moved 3000 miles across the country to a place we'd never been. We didn't know a soul. We didn't go home for ten months. In the beginning, it seemed nothing worked out. From a car accident to Comcast drama (HATE that company) the transition was not smooth. To top things off, my new job was really intense and demanded about 60 hours/week. The title page for my journal last year read: "I Hate My Life in Gaithersburg." It was kind of a joke, but kind of had a lot of truth too.

Well, what a difference a year makes! Many friends have told me it took them a year after "the big move" before they felt settled and really happy. Now that it's officially been one year I can honestly say: "I like my life in Gaithersburg"! I feel settled here and when returning from a recent trip, this place even felt like "home." Most importantly, I think I finally know what I'm doing at work!;) (This is KEY since I blame 90% of my first year stress and struggle on my job.) Harley is half-way through grad school, and I'm really looking forward to our second year here. Knowing me, I'll probably "love my life in Gaithersburg" when it's time to go!

The Major Move Team

Jim and Harley did a great job packing (there were only a few casualties).

First meal in our new apartment.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's a blog, blog world

Call me "mad" but I'm joining it! I've always been a little late jumping on new technology /trend bandwagons. It took me years to convert from tape cassettes to CDs. Apparently, I was the last person on the planet to join Facebook. And somehow, both my husband and I are surviving without iPods. But the day it took me the same amount of time to check more than a dozen friends' blogs as it did to read a day's worth of personal emails, I knew it was time. Maybe it's the best new way to keep in touch. Perhaps it's the perfect venue to share pictures. Or maybe, just maybe... the real motivation for me is to have my own voice to compete against Harley's constant plea for pets on his blog. Attribute where you will... I'M IN!